Who thought this was a technical foul?

Not sure if this was already brought up. But man, watching this live i thought we were going to get screwed

I think we were up 3. And a violation wouldve been a 2 shot technical foul for Memphis

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I don’t know the rule, and I did not see it when it happened, but I do understand that the defender, in that case, is frequently warned by the baseline official to step back slightly away from the baseline. Never seen anyone touch the ball while in the inbounders hands . . . . . Someone on here will know the applicable rule, I feel assured . . . . .

They would usually give a warning 1st

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An amazingly athletic play and 100% legal. The ball had left the player’s hands and he never crossed the baseline on the jump.


Maybe it was the camera angle. Cause this view makes it looks like his arm is crossing the out of bounds line

The ball is just leaving Lomaxs hands

What matters is it was out of his hands


Yep. There’s no question that his hand was over the line, but that’s not an issue. The announcers made it sound more dramatic than it was.

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It wasn’t. It’s just a bad angle. When watching it live it didn’t look blatant like that. Memphis fans are just trying to grips with the loss today, which they guaranteed to be a double digit win.

From the announcers perspective down the sideline they couldn’t see that the ball had left the inbounder’s hand by inches. Would definitely be a T if it hadn’t.

I believe he is not supposed to have any party of his body across the endline until the ball crosses the plane off the endline

Art. 9. Until the throw-in ball crosses the plane of the sideline or end line:
a. The thrower-in may not touch the ball until it touches another player
b. No opponent of the thrower-in shall have any part of the body over the
inside plane of the boundary line.
c. Teammates shall not line up next to each other within 6 feet of a
boundary line and parallel to it when an opponent desires a spot between
the positions.
d. Teammates may occupy adjacent positions near a boundary line when the
teammates take adjacent positions that are perpendicular to the boundary

The defender is not supposed to break the vertical plane of the sideline. Walker did, but the ball had left the Memphis’ players hands. Once they throw it in again the official just has to remind Walker about the rule.

Right. In any case, it’s not a technical foul because there was no prior warning issued.

it wasn’t a technical foul because the ball had left the inbounder’s hands, if Walker touches the ball before it leaves his hands it is a technical foul no matter what the official said or didn’t say to Walker

That’s not what the rule says. Not gonna argue with the rule book. :laughing:

Reaching across the sideline to touch the ball is considered a delay of game, hence the warning that comes when a guy does this. If he had touched the ball while it was still in the passer’s hands, then they would have called a technical foul.

Actually, in a situation like that where there hasn’t been a warning, it’s a smart play for the defender to be overly aggressive, since there’s no real downside as long as he doesn’t touch the other player or the ball before the pass.

The issue was we deflected the ball it then hit the player inbounding the ball. Since the ball did it break the plan on the base line it remained Memphis ball. If it would have crossed the baseline then hit the Memphis player it would have been our ball.

Back in 2019 Elite 8, Gonzaga was down 2 late in the game. And one of their players reached over and made contact with the ball. 2 shot technical. Put the game out of reach

This play alot more blatant than Jarace


Yeah, that guy clearly knocked the ball out of the passer’s hands (and probably hit his hand/arm), which is an automatic tech.

What Walker did was just a delay of game, if they even called that - only a tech if he did it again.

His foot is in the air too. I thought it was a great play.