Who to root for?

The Aggies play the Whiners(Michigan). I would like to root for both to lose but I guess I would rather Michigan lose. However have to say my favorite to now win it all is Gonzaga.

I’m on to Cougar baseball…maybe.


I’ll root for any underdog. Except a&m. never root for them. I will say they do have a pretty good team tho but know we could beat them.

Are you kidding?!? I will never root for the Aggies, and the better the Wolverines look, the better the Cougars look, too.


a michigan blowout win with michigan losing in the elite 8


I like it… …Michigan blow out…I work with too many arrogant Aggies
Makes it hard to like them. Since Johnny M made them so special (they think)…
I hope Michigan knocks the snot out of them🤧


Anybody But Aggies.


I’m pulling for the “team up north” to win it all. That would gain us even more respect.

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I’m hoping Michigan wins it all. Makes us look a lot better by comparison. Oh yes…please blow out the aggies!!

Go Coogs!


I trust that most of the Aggie players will have to return to jail as soon as they lose their next game !!

OTOH, maybe that is why they are winning…motivation !

I haven’t watched A&M since early in the season before they started their slide, but they can beat Michigan. They have NBA quality bigs that can dominate those soft bigs of Michigan. Pretty sure most of the players on A&M are headcases though so you never know what shows up. Best case scenario would be Michigan dominating and giving credit to the tough game they had to play against Houston to ready them for A&M.

Easy call - Michigan.

Wait, let me think…uh…Michigan. That didn’t take long.



This one is NOT hard, and you really shouldn’t even have to ask.

The principle is simple: if you can’t beat 'em (Michigan)…JOIN 'EM!!!

None of you likely have a son and a daughter in law who are both Aggies.

We are Cougars and this is the post season. You should root for who you want to lose because we rarely get what we want.

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Never root for the Aggies!!! Piss on them

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I was going to be rooting for Michigan until I saw their fans on Twitter attacking CKS about his comment saying he doesn’t feel like the best team won. Their attacks are saying he’s classless and pointing to his history of petty NCAA infractions. I can’t root for a team whose fan base attacks our coach like that. Screw those guys.

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That’s absurd…Coach Sampson doesnt make a comment like that unless he really means it. He’s never been the one blow smoke or sugarcoat anything. For 39 minutes and 57 seconds we pretty much controlled the game and were more physical than they were.