Who to root for?

I just don’t think he meant it to be disrespectful. And for the winning team to be so butt hurt about what the coach of the crushed losing team said when he got off the bus back in Houston is just asinine. Just shut up and enjoy the fact that you get to go to the Sweet 16 because of a freak luck shot at the buzzer against a lower seeded team that should have won the game.


Nope not at all! and I think beelein pretty much said the same thing. All the analysts that I’ve seen and heard in radio said the same.

Done for the year as well…I used to watch to the end, but no more! I don’t waste time watching games anymore when my team is done!

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Root against anyone who will not schedule us and that includes A$M. Also, by comparison to our game, they need to get beat by 20 points!

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Tech . . . . . as in Texas . . . . .

I always cheer for our conference.
I never cheer for any B 12 team
I never cheer for aTm
After that I don’t care.

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My wife is a Buckeye, and while Buckeye nation has its own special group of knuckle heads, I’ve learned in 17 years of marriage that Michigan is the UT of the Midwest.


It pains me to say this but I’ll beat rooting for the Aggies. Like CKS, I do not believe the best team one that game. If not for some spotty FT shooting and a lucky 3-point shot, they wouldn’t be there. No way I can root for a team that doesn’t really belong there, especially after beating my team!

Matchups man, matchups. changes every game. What gave us fits might be easy for the next team they play and that’s why i’ll have no problem watching these games through to the championship. Will definitely be less stressful that’s for damn sure.

Rock Chalk.

(Bought my first pitcher of beer at The Wheel in Lawrence after KU beat OU in football in the 80s(crazy fluke win). I was 16…Didn’t even get carded. Never went to college there but have been a fan since.

I’ll be rooting for the A$M Ags, don’t like the way Michigan acted, the big center with the lips needed to be smacked in the mouth several times, I think if I would have been playing I would have run over him. What a cry baby.

During the game, I agree. Especially after talking trash to Breon then baiting the ref into calling an offensive foul on Breon because of a flop. But after the game, he was the only one I saw that stopped to console heartbroken Coogs while the rest of his team was celebrating. That was classy and I respect that.


I’m waiting to see who Pat, aka EatEmUp, will be pulling for. Maybe he has warmed up to the aggies by now.

I am going to have to pull for aTm as part of an agreement with my aggie nieces and nephews. Even my great niece is a sophomore there. Her brother didn’t go aggie; but worse, he went BU.

They couldn’t get into UH, huh?

My wish is that AM loses every game they play in every sport by a score of at least 100-0.


Well, you will have to wait no longer; I hope the gaggies lose - every game they ever play, for the rest of eternity! I will always hate the whorns more, but the gaggies are a close second.

Sorry, Red, about your gaggie relatives and the one who went to Wacco; where did you go wrong?


I saw that too; very classy by their center; he actually took the time to console one or more of our players!

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I have no further interest in the NCAA tourney and couldn’t care less who wins any more games.


I didn’t not understand that Flop Foul at All…