Who wanted Coach No'D to finish the season

Like it is going to make a difference

We are not deep enough on defense to lose three starters and continue to play at a high level.

Temple is missing 2 OL and are managing ok.


When we were relatively healthy at the beginning of the season our defense still sucked.


He’s fired come sunday

Sadly, this is what our defense will look like next year without Ed. Oh, and Carter too. Scary thought.

Nothing will help this team. What an embarrassment, I’ve never seen an entire defense unwilling to hit anyone. You Houston fans have alot to be proud of.

I agree with y’all that we need a new DC. But who are we gonna promote to the DC if we fire dorito

What’s kissing me off is watching our guys line up with the same alignment despite getting torched. Why not try something different? Drop 5, drop 6… something!


Unfortunately, the chickens have come home to roost …

We were just living on borrowed time … and not since Helton’s days have I seen the defense totally collapse this badly and sorry to observe … literally given up , our offense just cannot keep up and out score their non-performance

Put ah fork in us … we are done …

I doubt that letting the DC go will help … the damage and injuries besides the lack of moral that now exist on the defensive side have taken their toll … seriously it will be a miracle if we win another game


I’m not sure it matters anymore. Applewhite needs to send a message.


True. But if we fire dorito and give the play calling duty to ? Does that mean we’re basically giving up on the season? To me we should keep him and have him calling plays so we can beat Tulane and then go to the toilet bowl and beat Liberty or someone of that nature

No clue and that may be what gets him to the end of the season. It all depends on how much pressure Major is under. My guess is nothing happens until we are eliminated from contention of the West.

Applewhite need to go as well, imo.


applewhite needs to fire himself and save us from another year of this crap.

He will get another year. I think it will be a really tough one too.

I said at the time Mike Stoops was fired that we should hire him and let him finish the season on a trial basis.

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If only it’s true!

I don’t think he gets fired till seasons end if he does.

I agree. Applewhite doesn’t seem the type to fire a guy mid-season for performance. My guess is it is upon return from Memphis. However, I think D’Onofrio’s performance thus far warrants immediate dismissal.