Who Was Missing In The OU Game

What was missing on the D that makes UH have an outstanding practice squad?

Marcus Jones DB: CDH has on several occasions mentioned him and how he has impressed coaches and players. Would be starting at DB and KR if he was eligible.

Hasaan Hypolite: S Transfer from Colorado, would be competing for playing time. Quality Depth.

Thabo Mwaniki: S Transfer from Oklahoma St. Won the Okie St. most outstanding newcomer award in 2017. Would also be competing for playing time. More quality depth.

Eligible but injured players:

Colin Samuel: CB Transfer from UCLA. HS 4 star who was expected to start for Oklahoma game before a nagging injury kept him out. Not a season ending injury and is expected to play this season.

Javian Smith: CB Was 1st string in the Spring before a season ending injury. CDH was impressed on his play.

Eligible but being suspended for rule violation, future playing status unkown.

Jordan Moore: S Transfer from A & M. 4 star who saw action in 4 games at A&M in 2018 as a FR. Was expected to see playing time against OU.

In the still not approved and expected not to be made eligible for this season category, but on the practice squad.

Eyabi Amona: LB on UH current roster. Alabama transfer. 2018 SEC All-Freshman team. 6-5" and 250 lbs. Well you can read all his rankings on the UH roster site.

Next year UH will get most of its DL back and with the rotation of DL in games, UH will have experience and depth.

Could have used Amona to put a hit on Hurts and maybe make him consider taking fewer runs.

UH may have one of its best ever practice squads in DB’s, S, and LB.

This has to help our O improve since most teams we now will face are equal at best in talent in DB’/S.


Next year’s defense certainly does look promising. Unfortunately we’re going to lose a ton offensively next year. If only we could combine this year’s offense with next year’s defense…


Right now, we return 1 RB, 1 WR, TE, and one OL that started the OU game. Offense will definitely be a question mark next season, but CDH will get that side up to speed.


Say hello to college FB’s version of college BB transfer world.

OU has two consecutive Heisman winners, neither whom they recruited out of HS. Hurt, who just broke many of OU’s 1st game offensive records, transferred from Alabama.

With only Tune returning with QB game experience, UH will be a transfer location for QB’s and RB’s who are looking for possible starting for team and a HC who has a history for coaching QB’s.

UH picked up two starting OL players and while the backups are improving and the incoming FR are red-shirting. More OL players for P5 and G5 schools know if they are good enough they can get a second chance at starting at UH.

This new world of portal transfers will benefit the rebuilding UH FB program just like it has done for Sampson’s BB team.



Is Eyabi Amona eligible?

Well if we can keep the same coaches for more than 3 years, maybe we can keep a pipeline of really good players rolling through.


That would certainly be nice. Hologerson is saying all the right things about staying, but as always we’ll have to wait to see how true it is.

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Don’t forget about QB the most important position. I think we’ll bring a transfer and maybe a juco to compete with Cosh, sorry meant Tune.

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In the post game questioning CDH was asked about the availability of Colin Samuel, the UCLA CB transfer. He said he has not practiced, his knee is the problem and if he cannot then they might look at getting a 6th year if that is possible.

Still not sure what happened to Chambers. He didn’t show up in the box score. He’s definitely a guy I was expecting big things from this year


Ditto. It’s possible he did not get 100% back to pre-injury form.

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have they abandoned the notion of putting Bryson at QB next year?

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Stevenson if he stays healthy may be headed to the NFL

As of now, yes. CDH has stated he’s strictly a WR/return guy currently.


Per Depth Chart, Chambers is 3rd string Defensive End.

Payton Turner
Alexander Duke

Blake Young
Atlias Bell

Aymiel Fleming
Olivier Charles-Pierre

Derek Parish OR
David Anenih
Isaiah Chambers

Terrance Edgeston
Zamar Kirven

Jordan Carmouche OR
Donavan Mutin

Grant Stuard
Amaud Willis-Dalton

Demarion Williams OR
Shaun Lewis

K’Darian Smith
D.J. Small

Deontay Anderson
Darius Gilbert

Gleson Sprewell
Gervarrius Owens