Who Ya Got as Men's Basketball Champion?

  • Connecticut
  • Florida Atlantic
  • Miami
  • San Diego St.

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Don’t want Hurley to win, but man UConn looks like an absolute monster right now.

Ahhh told yAll.

UConn is who I think will win it, but I’m pulling for FAU.


My wife picked UConn at the start of the tournament. I will be reminded of this forever if they win. She had Miami knocking out UH too.


pulling for san diego state, probably the longest shot given their style of play but its a good school and pretty campus right on a hilltop in san diego. if not them, anyone but miami; they are nearly as bad as texas fans when winning.

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Take her to Vegas lol


Bandera, you beat me to it.

Smart wife!

When i asked why she knocked out UH in tournament she said she just went what i had been saying about the inconsistent play at times and how it would likely bite them in the tournament. :man_facepalming:

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Had to vote for uconn and then threw up in my mouth :face_vomiting:

UConn really likes to play in Houston

…why don’t we like UConn, again?

Not sure this is it but my thought is UConn head coach baited Deeky into a technical foul in a game in Houston.

Not a good look for any head coach.

*NRG. James Dickey whopped them at Hofheinz the year they won a natty.


I had Marquette, Alabama, UH, and Gonzaga in the Final Four, so I don’t have a dog in this hunt.

Who do I want with the current teams? Miami since they beat us.

I think we hate Hurley more than anything. He’s a real good coach but he’s a tool. And of O was IConn Of be saying, “yes, but he’s our tool”

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I don’t like them because their fans are arrogant a$$es in my personal experiences with them from attending games at the Hof and at XL Center in Hartford.

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On New Year’s Eve iirc…

I was at that game listening to the Husky fan behind me yell… “Let the big dog eat” all.game.long.

Coach Sampson beat them also @ Hof in his first year as UH HC.