Whos goin to navy? And, where am i tailgating?

I have to show if a hurricane named after me is in the neighborhood. Perfect storm if you will.

Fado an Irish Bar not far from the Stadium

I will be there with Case and my uncle.

OH Snap! Brendan will have someone to annoy besides me!

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Meeting coachv and co. at fado. Come on by.

A good portion of the band will be going (including me) so whatever you do make sure you’re by the alumni tailgate (if there is one) because I can almost guarantee the band will pay a visit.

We are going to hit this place for breakfast on Saturday. http://www.chickandruths.com/ate.html

Bring home a W folks! Go Coogs.

Miss Shirley’s is the breakfast place and closer to the stadium

Thanks for the suggestion. May go there… We have a tour of the academy set for 9:30 that morning.

I’ll be there! I’ll be tailgating with UHAA. Would love to jump in on someones tour of the Academy early Saturday morning.

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