Whose house? Rams house?

Did they really steal our cheer? I just say someone call out whose house? Rams house.

Their cheer doesn’t even makes sense. Coogs house sounds cool because it rhymes with whose.

Exactly…when I heard it on TV…I was like…uh, no. Fail.


Trojans house?

I mean it is close to “Run’s House”…

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Wade walks into the stadium like a boss. Hail Bum!


I read somewhere that Case had something to do with the chant. Trying to find the article.It goes without saying that the “Whose House” chant should be extremely off limits. Our guys need to stop sharing with their teammates. SMH!


We should have copy righted the phrase…just like Seattle used “the 12th Man” and ATM threatened to sue…

We really should have. I’m no lawyer but I’d imagine there’s still time, given the fact that we’re on record of saying it first, right?

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But what would we copyright? If they say rams house it different. In the Seattle case it was straight up 12th man.


Good point. Lol

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Goff not showing me anything Case couldn’t have done. Probably better. Took a sack instead of throwing away.

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Is Roberts playing tonight?

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Yes, saw him on the field

Thanks! Didn’t see him in the stats. Just making sure

1 solo tackle

Rams were not fit to be in the Superbowl… …

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Yeah just not ready. Should have been the Saints. But E Rob got another! Hell yeah!


Uh. Congrats to pats…again. Nfl is not worth watching to me anymore. IMO.


Wish Dallas would’ve measured up and knocked out LA when they should. Or Sean Payton not been so gun shy in the NFCCG. Would’ve been so much more intriguing watching Brady play Brees or the Cowboys today.

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The Rams House certainly is not in the Mercedes stadium in Atlanta. This was one of the dullest football games i have ever seen pro or college.