Why aren't they throwing?

King has 8 pass attempts mid way thru the third quarter?..

What the heck is going on!


They left all the pass plays in Houston?

we have regressed to the applewhite offense


King must be hurt


agreed, but we have other options. why keep him in?

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Can’t figure that out.

Briles kept calling double TE sets resulting in lots of run

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We got suckered into trying to run against a 3-3-5 defense. A failed coaching strategy combined with poor player execution or performance. Can’t believe we didn’t try or weren’t able to adjust back to passing much more quickly. We weren’t prepared for or were simply unable to handle a 3-3-5 defensive scheme.


As flat and poorly prepared as we seemed to be, its a miracle the game was relatively close.How do we go in at halftime and appear to make ZERO adjustments to what SMU was doing?? Thoroughly outcoached on both sides of the ball…another Tech like performance from the defense…Not even trying to pass for a good part of the game by the offense, and King looking off when we DID throw…I have no explanation…

keep playing like that on D and Applewhite will have to fire D just to save his job. 7-5 without Ed is entirely possible.

We are not losing three more games. Step off the ledge! If Briles didn’t have a brain meltdown on offense we would have won this game. As long as we don’t play dumb on offense like this the rest of the season we will win out. Hopefully, Kendall will now see he cannot take the ball out of Kings’ hands. He has seen this defense look now so you would hope he now knows how to beat it.

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I think that pretty much describes what happened. SMU for the most played 3 down linemen with 3 safeties deep and had 5 guys in a line about 8-10 yards off the line. Applewhite even said king was healthy but based on the look the defense was giving us we felt we needed to run more. It’s almost like SMU suckered us into beating ourselves and we fell right into their trap


I thought Briles was smarter then that. I thought he would make the adjustment. It was like if we took the ball out of Keenum’s hands and ran the whole game.

It was like A&M at Ole Miss when Kyle Allen was hurt and threw about 20 incompletions in a row while Kyler was in Sumlins doghouse. The difference was that The offensive play calling was hurt last night.

At the game, we noticed that King sat on the bench and seemed to be tended by one of the assistants. We talked about the possibility that he got hurt since he wasn’t passing, but just then, boom, a beautiful 25-yd pass.

Could we just have been outcoached that badly? Apart from the poor defensive preparation/effort, fans around me were all astonished as to why we didn’t go to the offense that has resulted in so much scoring against **everyone!l

Got home to see several messages from whorn relatives and friends (truly longhorn pukes, even if I am related to some) that want to return Orlando to us. In a heartbeat! By the way, they’re not very happy about Hermoid either.


Nah, I’m not sold on Orlando either at this point. Remember, he had great players here…which we don’t currently have in certain areas on defense. He’s also not a recruiter and we need someone that can recruit on defense.

I’d take Gibbs back in a heartbeat if Tech let’s that staff go. I’d also seriously consider Phil Bennett if he wants to get back into coaching. These are guys that can recruit Texas and we need good defensive recruiters at this point.


Orlando :-1:

Gibbs, Bennett :+1:

I recall several 3 and outs for SMU following the half. Had to be some strategic changes during half. Did not notice any on O . . … .

SMU’s first 3 possessions in the 2nd half

-5 yards punt
0 yards punt
5 yards punt
Next series they hit the 60 yard bomb.