Why Didn't UT Offer the Super Bowl QBs?

I talked about this the other week. Mahomes’ best offers were us and Tech. He chose Tech because P5 otherwise he would have been here.

Hurts made an unofficial visit to UH but obviously wanted to play P5 ball.

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The best thing about every one of these articles is the assumption that anyone who didn’t go to UT would have, if only they’d been offered.


It is practically true though. Many players have outright said they would have

Hell, I wanted to go to UT and most certainly wanted to play football for them coming outta high school. Obviously didnt work out that way lol but thats how 18 year old me was thinking though.

Tech also offered him the chance to play baseball - don’t know if that was on the table here.

Not Matthew Golden.

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whoever evaluated QB’s at ut, for the last 20 yrs, sure swung and missed. And several of those, in their own backyard! The guy at Clemson is the latest one.