Why doesn't Postma run more?

the one great quality postma has is running and breaking tackles…and he barely ran this game…
if im being honest if we are going pocket passer id rather have allen

the few times he actually ran this game he was successful …the 4th down run, he had a 10yd run too…

postma could have easily done 100+ yards in the game if we set up qb runs ( tulsa is averaging 135 qb rushing yards a game)

he tried to win with his arm and his arm alone isn’t good enough

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He’s really not that great arunner only when they are not covering him, they were covering him pretty well today, making him best then with his arm

the last 3 qbs they played…151yds, 93yds 157 yds rushing…every qb that has tried had a field day…
postma only had 1 negative run this game (not including sacks) …3 over 10yds…and the only negative run was when it was obvious we’d likely lose…

id have like to see him run and be shut down before saying he was covered well

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I don’t know what this offense is…I realize we don’t have any play breakers but I know we have the parts to still be a very good offense. I’m not an expert but something is just wrong. I also want to add our run defense had been ver concerning this season. It’s been a while since I’ve seen teams run up the gut on us consistently like Tulsa and temple did to some extent.

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We just called off tackle plays with no option and jet sweeps. Sometime the RB did well…other times not so great. But I watched at least 6 times where Allen could have pulled the ball out and went around the end for 5 before a safety would have met him.

And even then he might be able to elude or break a tackle for a few more yards.

I think because he had a decent game versus SMU that they wanted to protect him. He is not that kind of QB, and this is not that kind of offense. We need the extra runner to make it work.

All 3 of those guys were running the triple option offense.

Tulane can run on them but not us.

are we are running a read-option offense (a running qb offense)…we should have atleast 50yds on the ground…we had -19yds

Not disagreeing with that; just wanted to point out that Tulsa’s rushing D stats were a little skewed because of the type of offense they were playing.

It is definitely not a read/option because our QB never runs and only hands off. Many times the last few game the QB was left alone to run. We need a QB that realizes WHEN to run

tough deal. I think Postma would run it like last year. He seemed pretty good at in when Ward was out. Now it looks like it is not an option to keep the ball…Can’t decide if it’s player or coach.

It looked like we went back to the same game plan as the first two games. Did not see the same type as plays used in the SMU game. Also it seemed like we did not get King involved as much in this game.

because bonner came back

Well, now they have turned Postma into Allen. Anyone still wonder if it is coaching?

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Postma has 50+ yards in each game (even TTU), until this week.
I don’t think his decision making on the option fell apart so I have to think he was told not to run so much.
The kid is RB size and runs like an FB. Let him do his thing. Coaches cant worry about getting him hurt. It’s football. Everyone plays a little hurt.

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I think this staff does not want the QB to run. Though Allen is not blazing fast he is not slow. He did not have to get more than 5 or 6 yards many time to keep drives alive and the defense honest. That is what Postma did, but now he too has seemed to stop running.

We saw when Levine tried to make ward stop running, it didn’t work either.

This staff is making the same mistakes Levine did. The QB not running has to be a result of coaching.

The quarterback running is the only play that works
O’Korn - No one to pass to, was not a runner, forced the ball - left the program
Ward - No one to pass to initially, used legs to create more time, either found a WR or took off running. Almost won a Heisman.
Allen - No one to pass to and is not running also forced throws.
Postma - No one to pass to and has success running after the fact. Forced the ball against a 1-5 tulsa who lost to Tulane.

If we do not get gains on broken plays after the routes are run and the pocket begins to collapse, we have nothing but some 8th grade runs over the right guard and forced throws to covered WRs.

I may be just overlooking and didn’t really get to truely watch the Tulsa game, but does it seem like we never just throw away the ball on broken plays? Obviously Postma creating some yards is a lot better but sometimes he ends up losing yards too.

I think the coach discourages him from running so he doesn’t get hurt. Did the same thing with Ward last year.