Why has UH not thought of this?

There is the big cement front to the third deck on the visitors side that looks so bare and unfinished. UH shoud put the names and numbers of the award winners and retired jerseys of UH football greats. They use to have signs for this at the Rob but never brought anything over to TDECU. Get some of those big printed decals and put them between the stairs to the third deck. Maybe some big donor can get this idea to the higher ups. Sometimes it is like UH Athletics has no creativity and vision. It is such a simple concept. I mean this is the same department that took 6 years to put a flag pole inside TDECU for the US and Texas flags. It is standard that football programs display the numbers of their historical great players in a stadium.


I think that’s an outstanding idea – our own rinf of honor. Maybe at least an Arc of Honor. They could also put them on the wall under the luxury suites.


Make up your minds. Do you want warm nacho cheese on your chips or a nice stadium?


That’s a great idea. Send that to Pez and he might try to implement it.