Why Houston's win over Oklahoma could hurt its Big 12 bid


Why Houston’s win over Oklahoma could hurt its Big 12 bid


Wow! No matter what we do, people find a way to try and take us down a peg.

Does it help our Pac 12 bid?


There seems to be some backlash over that tweet from UH’s official account, mostly from AAC fans saying it’s disrespectful. I’m not saying it is or isn’t, but this isn’t the 1st time our account has posted something without thinking it through. Perhaps we need to re-evaluate who we have that’s doing the tweeting?

With today’s outrage culture, that is a job that should result in ZERO errors or controversy. The person we have running it often doesn’t even use spell check.

Not all media are created equal.

Some report with useful information that is appreciated by most fans.

Others like to incite the masses. (Recalling a few newspaper pundits who wrote locally in Houston who had axes to grain. Axes handed to them form their supervisors, perhaps.) I feel this is the case here, but then some things of Fox origin give me the hejebegees.

Need to nip the “Houston metroplex” from the lexicon. It’s so wrong. Let DFW have full rights to that label.

forget the Big 12…just put us in the AFC South…:sunglasses:

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Houston just beat the Big 12 favorite. Add UH to the conference, or look like cowards.

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File this under the topic of do the right thing now or be lookin’ forward to the dental equivalent of a root canal minus the nerve deadener.

Nice of SBNation to call out the XXII-2 powers that be. :innocent: / :wink:

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There were several pre-game photos with Khator, Gov Abbott and Tilman. If UH is nixed there will be no expansion. UT has its orders.

You people need to stop following all of this tripe !!!

I agree. A lot of the posts on my facebook feed from the official UH account just aren’t very professional. I wish they’d change whoever is in charge of our social media.

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The social media looks really good but there is a dbag quality to many posts.

I must have missed it. I looked over the UH Facebook posts from today. I don’t see anything wrong. What am I missing?

I don’t want to be in a conference that is afraid of competition. That article is more of the same old BS.

I’m not necessarily in favor of it, but it does seem that our M.O. With Big 12 expansion, has been to be loud and vocal. Seems that our Twitter account has decided to go in that direction as well.

Is a Twitter account going to help/hurt our cause to get in the Big12? Doubt it. Are the other AAC fans going to like us if we are quieter and end up with a spot in the Big 12? Doubt it as well.

But yes, it would be nice if those that ran the account would at least use spell check before sending something out.

Keep winning! The B12 is about to become an afterthought, let’s control what’s in front of us…who knows, a better suitor may come along.

Never known tu or OU to do anything that would make their path to a championship any harder. The Coogs would destroy the horns right now.


^ This.

I’m sure you relied on Gov. Abbott’s tweet to form your opinion, but it is worth reviewing again: Gov. Abbott’s appearance at the game yesterday sent a very strong signal.

There are plenty I’ve seen that I can’t remember, but here’s an example: https://www.facebook.com/universityofhouston/videos/vb.271199144875/10154441657239876/?type=2&theater

I could understand a post like this coming from the UH Athletics facebook page, but the UH facebook page represents the university as a whole, including its more serious academic side.This doesn’t belong on the facebook page of a major academic institution, it belongs on imgur.

Maybe it’s just me.

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