Why is CDH getting these recruits while applesauce could not?

Trashing Applewhite may make some posters feel empowered, but I believe your trashing the wrong person. Who hired Applewhite?

Far too often we don’t blame the person with the power to make hiring decisions.

Now we all know who hired him and I admire his contribution to our program. People make mistakes.

Those of you who love to trash Applewhite refuse to accept the management decision to put him in a HC position, which means you are tacitly criticizing Renu Khator and Tillman Fertitta.

I’m not among those who are willing to criticize those who make hiring decisions because they’ve made more good decisions than bad.

So my point is to cut the Applewhite family some slack; otherwise, what you really doing is criticizing President Khator and our Billionaire Buyer celebrity, Tillman Fertitta, and if your bold enough to access blame to the appropriate authority figures, then you are causing more harm to our program than a mere post blaming the wrong person.

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I agree most are probably connecting the dots but surely our administrators had to understand that hiring a former UT QB star was very controversial and had a greater chance of blowing up in their face than working.

Especially, since it came on the heels of:

  1. our coach leaving us for UT where it was pretty obvious all he cared about was his next job, not how he left the University of Houston program
  2. The Big 12 expansion debacle where we dangled in front of everyone and allegedly “supported” ny UT but not really supported enough to make it happen
  3. UH having to literally fight in Austin, in front of a formal committee, to keep UT from expanding into Houston just miles away from m UH
  4. UT refusing to play UH in football once again
  5. Throw in Mack Brown’s recommendation that Applewhite should be the guy

They could have hired a Longhorn but it had to be a Grand Slam/ Perfect Game type of hire. It was not and many of us are just commenting on what we knew was going to happen since day one…it was a huge step back for our program.

I’m committed to moving on and making the most out of CDH but the reasons are the reasons and our administrations had to know it was a very unpopular and confusing selection. We all thought we had more leverage than just settling…

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Please re-read my posts about the actual hire. I am 100% in agreement with you that Mr. Fertitta hired him. That is also why he opened up the checkbook to get CDH. He almost did a few years ago. He realised he had no choice but to do so now. yuracheck was a hugely wrong hire from both our leaders. That is why Chris came back. We now have imo the best possible combo since the Yeoman years. Time can only tell.

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Dana received more money for assistant coaches. He hired some recruiting animals. Pretty simple really

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If money was the reason for success we would have already won the big salad bowl. There are plenty of so called big programs that deliver the red carpet and can’t win. Georgia is just a very quick example…Oregon another. Money does help but it is not an explanation for applesauce massive failure.

Cary c’mon CDH had at least 2 more years in Morgantown if he wanted them. Their fanbase is realistic about their recruiting challenges, Grier being gone, and their island status in the B12. He was a winning B12 coach who kept his job for a large number of years. That’s really hard to do these days. And we poached him. Let the coaching carousel victory happen, we need a win. Was he OU good? No but neither is anyone else in the B12.

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