Why UCF should accept Florida offer

I think UH admins should pay attention to this. Interestingly the article specifically says UH, UCF, and USF are in the exact same position re expansion candidacy and points out that anything you can do to get support from P5 powers should be welcome.

I have on this very board advocated for UH to offer 2 for 1 to Major P5 programs. It may be a loss in revene (I think that can be somewhat mitigated), but should be seen as an investment that could potentially see high payoff in the future


We should play anybody anywhere.

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Bunch of baloney posting. How about we do this: since educated college people can’t figure out how to make a fair playoff system…let’s allow the High school dropouts solve the playoff system. They are smarter than the “educated ones”…how about 2 for 2s or 3 for threes…


F you, FU

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They should have taken that deal or at least asked that the third game be at a neutral site. Pretty stupid to publicly shame the Florida AD IMHO.

We can rail about the unfairness of the system all we like, but until it changes for the better, those wanting to get in have to be ready to swallow their pride and make some concessions. Danny White sounds like a thug, and his criticism of Florida will not help UCF (or any other AAC program). 2 great football seasons seem to have gone to his head.

Look at UH own history. We pissed of DeLoss Dodd’s and 15+ years later are still paying for that. If we had just stroked his ego, kissed a little ass, who knows maybe it could have been us instead of TCU (which really fed Dodd’s ego!) in the Big 12.

Danny White could have just said we aren’t interested in a 2 for 1, instead he attacked Florida. Let’s see how that works out for UCF in the future. USF seems to be determined to keep its relationship with Florida on strong footing.

The why not counter and do a 2 for 2, 3 for 3, or 4 for 4…you know this isn’t right. UCF isn’t a small school. Give then the fair option. How about we stop 2 for ones or one for nones and the P5 school get the two home games but you have to play in your local NFL stadium to play them.

UCF has over 60,000 students. Not small.


If Florida offered UH a two for one I’d be disappointed if they passed. It’s difficult to say you want to be included and then turn games down. We have deals with OU and WSU but effectively gave away the home game to play at NRG. The money and TV is well worth it.

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NRG is still a home game against anyone outside of Texas, I think. OU brought a lot of people but WSU will have no one in the house. Whose house?!


Pasting what I said on another board on this subject…

I well understand that P5s use leverage to force G5s to give them a competitive advantage. I love repeating this: I absolutely, unequivocally condemn it. I don’t want UH submitting to 2:1s, in fact I will be ashamedand embarrassed for the program if we do. Kudos to UCF for not doing so either.

This, along with the lack of a legitimate playoff, is at the top of the list of what stinks about the current state of FBS football. Using economic leverage to gain an advantage over an opponent is straight up unethical.

Rather than just give up and accept it, here’s what I propose to do:

  1. Declare your (UH’s) desire to schedule top quality OOC opponents. Frequently repeat this publicly.

  2. Declare your policy of 1:1 contracts, no matter who the opponent (excluding FCS teams, which we shouldn’t be scheduling in the first place). Frequently repeat this publicly.

  3. Reach out to top quality OOC and ask for 1:1 series. Frequently repeat this publicly.

  4. If rejected, constantly and consistently communicate this fact to all media outlets.

  5. Lobby our AAC mates to adopt the same policies (so disappointed in USF for taking 2:1s recently)

  6. Lobby the NCAA for reform to make unbalanced contracts between FBS programs illegal. Do I expect to get this? No, but we could make a lot of noise and possibly win public support fighting for it.

For those that would tell us "be careful what you wish for, this will only make the divide greater, that P5s will just stop playing us entirely. My reply is this: I’m so disgusted and fed up with the current conditions I don’t care. It’s a matter of what’s right, self-respect, and dignity. You know the saying, you have to pick your fights? This is a fight we need to pick.


Agree somewhat, but UH built a new stadium for a reason. OU I can see, but WSU not so much. Dollars justify it.

Was that before or after the Florida AD talked down to all P5s. That guy can suck it, he sounded just like the Horns

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Yes, let’s do this now! 1:1 or no deal!!!

My word, that article is full of snobbery. How much does Florida lose by playing away from home? Who cares. Florida makes $30M in TV revenue, UCF makes $2M! Who needs the home game more, A-HOLE?!?

This moron of a writer thinks that White (UCF AD) should be down on his knees thanking the Florida AD for even acknowledging his existence.


In case UCF wins against LSU they have every right to call themselves National Champion. They are as deserving as anybody else. Why you may ask?
They were undefeated. THE, ONLY THE cfp DECIDED TO NOT INCLUDE THEM IN THE cfp. This did not happen the other way around. There is nothing UCF can do about their SOS. So called power Schools decide to schedule them or not. They won’t. Why in the world should UCF accept to make less money so they can play these so called power brokers/Teams? You think you are better than UCF? Then schedule UCF on an even footing. Don’t you make enough money already? This is what it is all about. Enough about UCF or others not belonging.Prove it, have the cojones to invite them in the cfp and let’s see hoe they do. Don’t give me the excuse that an fsu orthers were not motivated to play against a G5 in the Peach Bowl. They got wiped, spanked & put in place where they belong. Where is that? On the field friends not hiding behind a cash register. The ncaa is complicit because they sanction these same Teams. The last I checked the SEC was ncaa sanctioned. The ncaa is letting them run the cash register at the detriment of G5 Schools. As Mrs. Khator pointed out this is affecting our DONATIONS. This has a huge impact when Schools are meant to be a higher level of learning. Hypocrisy has been redefined by the cartel & the ncaa and some of you are hypnotized by it. It is time for litigation & blow up this monopoly.
Do you want to “secede”? Then secede & create you own league without the ncaa sanctioning body. Let’s see how this will work out.


There was nothing more beautiful than watching Fla State curbstompping by the Coogs…and OU and Louisville…beautiful!


I don’t blame UCF for not doing a 2 for 1 at all, but you can’t claim “What do we have to do to make the playoff?” when you refuse to make scheduling concessions like this.

We had the schedule to have a real good argument at a playoff spot in 2016 only because we were willing to make a scheduling concession to play OU.

On what basis should they accept to make less money that uf? Because they are a G5 maybe? This is exactly where the ncaa has to step in but they won’t. At this rate this is going to turn into a 3-1 then a 4-1 and so on. The P5 have no rights to “drive the bus” What given rights do they have to impose their conditions and other D1/FBS football programs? The question that the ncaa always wants to silence is:
Are FBS Teams playing on the same level playing field? You know the answer. The ncaa has allowed this mess to prosper at the detriment of others. Don’t remind me that they do not sanction the cfp. They allow it. That says it all on whom they answer to.

Not true about OU. And why should we have to make any concessions?