Why would anyone really want a default?

I put a gun to your head and tell you “give me your money or I’ll shoot”. I shoot you and then absolve myself by blaming you saying it could have all been avoided if you had only given me your money.

How is this any different? Explain it to me like I’m in the 5th grade.

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I am thinking Biden will.mint the trillion coin.

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I’m skeptical about the coin or maybe just don’t understand it.

Tying what is owed to anything is nothing but posturing and pandering. Nothing more. Nothing less.

That goes for families, businesses, individuals and countries.

Strong desire to burn it all down to damage economy to make the economy a
2024 election issue. Consequences be damned.

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I don’t quite get the coin either.

Someone posted a link here and the logic made sense.

Curious if the flat stock market is looking for a solution and if it solved/negotiated the markets go up.

I saw a brief piece that McKarthy wants it to affect social security.

Aren’t those the two big movers of the needle defense spending and social security?

They’re too afraid and are too coward (I call it Ch…ken S…t) to admit that drastic cuts to both social security and defense spending or {drumroll} rolling back the massive 2017 tax cuts that no one needed would achieve the result they are demanding.

Stevie Wonder :sunglasses: can see it’s blackmail but as someone said, they’re dying to tank the whole enchilada just to blame it all on Biden.


No one wants to default but for it to be communicated this way is a lie. Its called being responsible and owning your boo-boos. We are in hella debt. We have played this game far to long. I think Clinton had us trending in the correct direction… But its re-election time and all those POS will do anything to get re-elected. No leadership at all in amongst our so-called servants.

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Why do Republicans only seem to care about the debt ceiling when a democrat is in office?

Are you in the camp that believes our system of government is so broken only a major overhaul would fix it?


Because a democrat always follows a republican. When was the last back to back Republican won the election, the late 1980s?

They dont. Again its becasue of election time. I dont think responsible fiscal policies are demo and repub… I think it crosses the aisle.

It sure looks that way. We really need term limits for all offices. We need to cut all healthcare and salaries for public servants. These folks both demo and repub think we are here for them… NO sir!

We need to cut spending. I’m very much against making the decision to default on what we already agreed to though.

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I think the average Joe on the street really doesn’t understands how fiscal and monetary
policy work and believes debt is like a household budget. It’s not.

Having said that, I do believe our debt needs to come down, or significantly grow the economy.
Have a look at our net debt to GDP ratio to see the company we keep and how we compare.

Country General government gross debt[[6]]List of countries by government debt - Wikipedia)
(Percent of GDP) General government net debt[[6]]”””(List of countries by government debt - Wikipedia)
(Percent of GDP)

Barbados 120.781 134.3
Belgium 105.270 93.7
Bhutan 124.795
Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) 127.407 130.5
France 111.063 101.1
Italy 144.696 138.3
Japan 261.289 168.1
Jordan 89.425 91.8
Portugal 116.048 120.1
Spain 111.978 102.8
United Kingdom 102.636 84.3
United States 121.683 99.6
Zambia n/a 117.5

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I disagree. I think they do know but we are hoodwinked into thinking it ain’t the same or worse there are no consequences.

This is what is wrong with the average democrat voter. US has around 31 trillion in debt. The politicians do not want to cut spending. Print more, spend more. They can’t figure out why there is massive inflation. They will blame putin, covid, and orange man. The writers at NPR and NBC know that the average democrat isn’t a free thinker. So they know they can print whatever they want and dems will eat it up as it’s correct.

For dems. this is what your party has done. Just a hint, these numbers are bad.


Again I’m moderate but in this case the republicans are wrong. Trump was able to raise it 2 or 3 times with no default and they don’t mind spending trillions on wars including the ukaraine funding but want to hold hostage soc sec programs that work. So it’s it’s bs and I’m on Biden’s side on this .

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So we have to ask the republicans why it was ok to spend trillions on wasteful wars then suddenly say ok we need social programs cut back. Biden called them out on soc sec and Medicare but the dems should call out wasteful war spending from the bush yrs on

But that wasteful spending carried through the Obama administration too. Likely why they will not call it out.

What would it do tonthe deficit if we undid the Trump tax cuts?

I still think those making more than a mil should pay more in taxes as well as make changes to the capital gains tax schedule.

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