Wichita. Game 3

Always nice to start the game with a 1 out base running out. Over slide and tag.

Followed by a single and a home run. 2-0 Coogs still in 1st


First out finally… See if Medrano can get out of this inning 2-2…

Nice throw by Tulo

Jumping to the Canes hockey game…

Nice play in right to rob Hernandez… Go Coogs!

Tulo has been excellent. 31 attempts against, 19 outs. .620%. One of the best.

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Bats coming alive…7-3 Coogs and still batting in 3rd. 5 runs so far in the inning. Runners at 2nd and 3rd. Good bass running on a play at the plate keeps runners at second and third. Runner scores on a while throw and then baserunner is then picked off at second on the very next play. 8-3.

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I have never seen a high school team this bad at base running……you almost can’t believe it’s happening.


8-7 Coogs t6. 2 runners score for WSU on fly that drops between ss and lf. Tricky windy in their defense.

11-7 Coogs. Need to keep scoring lol

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Ouch. Same song, second verse.

And a Coog base runner interferes with the 3rd baseman after lead runner tagged out in in rundown between 3rd and home. Double play and the inning is over.


At this level you have to teach base running? After how many years playing?

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Like I said…. Base running is knowledge of the game….don’t have to be fast…. Just need to know situational baseball……not rocket science.


11 to 8.
On to Sam Houston on tuesday.
They 26-19 & looking like they finish the sweep vs SFA today.


After rewatching the play, why was the Shocker not called for interference? He was running next to our guy and not allowing him to get to 3rd base. That’s when our guy put his arm around him.


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