Wild Speculation for the Off-Season

Suppose we have another outstanding year.

And then a top program throws mega-bucks at Herman & he takes it.


Do we take Briles back? The guy’s an offensive genius. (pun intended)

Herman moving on is possible if UH repeats its 2015 success.

I can’t see UH taking Briles back.

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UH isnt taking Briles back. Herman isnt leaving–he is already paid top 30 money which limits who can even afford him to begin with. Combine that with: Tilman indicating that he is willing to pay more, great recruiting classes which are building a considerable talent base, facility upgrades per his request, high salaries for other coaching staff, and the ability to compete at the highest levels.

This isnt 2007 or 2011 again.


Steve, I see a plane next to your name. Suggest you take the next flight - ha!


Why would Herman be worth more money if he regresses from last year? The only progression would be a playoff spot, in which case we would have a few extra dollars lying around to slip in his handshake. We would be in just about as good a position as anyone else, especially because other suitors would be in desperate situations and we would be in a very good position.

Briles’s coaching career is toast.

Herman is NOT leaving. There is no place in the country where he can recruit as well as he can in Houston. Great recruiting at UH is just beginning.

He can and will win national championships as UH HC.
Then, they will have to offer a lot more than money go get him.

Just left the bank, where another customer (wearing an Aggie hat) noticed my UH shirt and said “Go Coogs and how about that Tom? I hope you enjoy him this season, since you know that UH is like a farm club for aggie coaches.”

In response, I told him that I didn’t think that Tom would like to live in a small town like Bryan/Collie Station. Then, he admitted that I might be right and said good luck this year, and added that he was a closet UH fan.

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Answers to questions - in order presented:

  1. Yes, we will.
  2. If they do, we top it, and Herman stays with us.
  3. No - not in a million years.
  4. Yes, he is - in both ways meant.
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Typical Agghole. You’d think that after Sumlin A$M won’t want another coach from UH. But, if they really want one, then Art Briles is available. And he didn’t lock anyone in an electrical closet, crack-up his motorcycle and road-rash his girl friend, or lose a bunch of football games.

I would have told him that I was glad they got the last one !!

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The cloud of stink that would follow Briles back here if he were to return would be extremely detrimental to everything that has been built up to this point here after he left and that has nothing to do with whether he’s guilty or innocent of anything.

I believe that if Herman is offered 5 MM by another university, we will match, too much at stake for us

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My gut tells me the Herman has invested himself in this school enough to be here for at least 4-5yrs, if we stay G5. He’s building crazy momentum with recruiting (2016 class was historical, 2017 is looking even deeper), and has committed to his assistants. My opinion is that he wants to see this through and he wouldn’t be getting the commits if they didn’t trust him.
I know the reality of the cold world that is the college football coaching carousel, but it’s my gut.
My gut is that he wants the Ohio State job one day…not any of the Texas teams. Maybe a major SEC team? LSU opening up would scare me.
If we were to get into a P5 conference, then it’s a different game and I think he’s here for the long(er) haul …

Herman is our coach now and there is no reason to be looking for a cloud in this silver lining. I think he has made a commitment to the players and the school and that money will not take him for two reasons – I think we will match most any realistic offer and he is not as materialistic as some other coaches.

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At UH you can win and win big but your family gets to lead a fairly normal life. Your wife and kids aren’t swimming in a fish bowl.

Plus you aren’t just another good coach at a big school.

Every good coach that stayed ar UH and made it a career has ended up in the Hall of Fame.

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Most all of us have become just like Pavlov’s dog when it comes to reacting to CTH and ANY MENTION OF LEAVING.

We should just ignore the postings or recognize/identify them like moi has to many outside writers who do not care for our program or school.

For the most part we don’t know what the future holds but we can only enjoy the present for as long as we have it to enjoy.


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