Will Big12 expand?

Nope I don’t think so.

I knew it was a pipe dream.

Is it the browser? Or is it the interwebs?

You cant be sure until it happens, but it seems like there is quite a bit of infighting. The odd thing is that the Longhorns have a national brand that has been amazingly successful, but it is suffering due to the weakening of the B12 and the losses. No program could sustain a high level of success if that sort of thing continues. The LHN has destroyed the B12 and ironic thing is it has begun to knock the shine off of their brand.

Am i the only one who thinks if we go the Big XII, it’s like buying a ticket on the Titanic?

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You aren’t the only one…

So we’re screwed? Phew…for a second there I thought there was good news. j.k

How can I restrain from &*^%ing profanity? That’s asking a lot.

I love how we can post tweets now. That was something Rivals had over Scout in spades.

The guy is right about the B12s need for expansion. I really don’t think UT is going to be in as good of a position as they think they will if the B12 folds. They aren’t Notre dame and though they will find a landing spot–they won’t end up in the driver’s seat again.

Nope. I really don’t trust anything controlled by UT. If they are patting you on the back, it is to find where to stick the knife.

Doubt it at this point, they just voted to have a conference championship game in 2017.

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