Will Memphis play UCF?

Will Memphis still play UCF? This is our only chance to play for the conference crown.

They already did.Memphis lost big.

Yep, they lost 40-13 in Orlando. It was raining a lot that game and the Memphis guys did mention that it affected them.

We need Memphis to lose their last two games (SMU and ECU at home) and have to win our last two in order to win the division.

UCF still has to beat USF in the game after Thanksgiving to clinch the East.

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Such a strange thing to ask. You seriously had no way to find Memphis’ schedule? The only reason people will come to this because it makes people think you are discussing if Memphis and UCF will be winning their respective divisions again for a rematch.

When I googled their schedule, it said postponed. That is what prompted me to ask.

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Am I the only person that thinks Memphis won’t lose two more games?

I’m hoping for a rematch against UCF for the conference title.

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We blew our chance with the incredible meltdown to Memphis !

Thanx CMA.

This, blew a 17 point lead and another Peach bowl birth because we couldn’t stop Memphis passing game. This one stings epic.

6-3 bowl eligible team.


No way you’re the only one. We WANT them to lose, but let’s be real here. They would have to pull a JT Barret against both SmU and ECU. I am happy with King at QB and a good bowl game. Go Coogs!

Memphis will not lose to SMU or ECU regardless of how much we hope they will.

Jimmy, this is the kind of post is why you get picked on.


Your expectations are too low…way too low !

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I’m a realist.

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It took you more time to give that snarky reply than it would have to give the answer. :disappointed:

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Memphis clinches the West if it beats SMU on Nov 18. Not a damn thing we can do about it. Memphis controls their destiny.

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What happens if SMU upsets Memphis (which is possible)?

Nothing will change for us. Need Memphis to lose 2 conference games for us to have a chance. SMU would represent west I believe if they beat Memphis and win out.

No amount of glue will fix this season.