Will Tech become a trophy game

I think the potential is there. UH and TT are the second tier universities of the state, the all time series is close and there is some animosity between the schools (at least on the UH side). What say you?


I can hate Tech with the best of them. Is this what we’re gonna do?

Gross. Stop. Manufactured rivalries. Isn’t this what UCF and Uconn did? lol


How would s trophy game with Tech be a manufactured rivalry?

There is nothing manufactured when UH, TT, BU, TCU, played each other yearly in the SWC. You can come up with a trophy for each, insert the past years and scores and move forward.

Inventing trophy games is stupid, a rivalry should be real before a trophy gets thrown in.


I don’t see a need for it. Many of the best rivalries don’t have trophies. Michigan-Ohio State, UT-A&M, and Georgia-Georgia Tech don’t have trophies, I don’t see any real reason we need to have one for the Texas Tech series.


Pretty sure that was my point.

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Self glossing in thread titles deserves the ban hammer.

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Ban Pearland1, at least I don’t go around impersonating other posters.

Aww, who changed my thread title?

I don’t t think Tech vs UH is manufactured . It may not be a huge rivalry but it seems to be developing into one , lol .

I got to end with a lol, lol .
Wtf do so many end their comments with an lol? Lol
Is it to infer smart assery or snark in the comment ? Lol

Battle for the still not getting puf cup!


We need to beat them once in a while before it can be a rivalry

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The only trophy I want for UH in our first season is the BIG12 Championship Trophy.

Pretty much just UConn.

This is what those awful FB groups do - create manufactured rivalries.

Let it happen naturally, guys. Stop manufacturing them.

Seriously…. No more “rivalry” trophies for UH. It was sad seeing the CBS Sports guys trying to hype the bayou bucket.

It could be called the “TECHnicUHal Tryst”. Am I reaching??

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