Will the B12 rebrand itself in the near future

Like some other conferences, the B12 name doesn’t accurately represent the number of schools in its conference. Assuming no additions, starting in 2024 it will have 12 football members, but only half of them were original members. If there are any additions from the PAC in 2025, then most of the members will have only been in the conference 1-2 years.

Should the B12 rebrand? When’s the right time?

Why the big 10 has 14

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So if the B10 decides to rebrand, would the B12? Should the B12 be a leader or a follower?

I’m not sure what I think, but wanted to see what others thought.

Edit: also, the B12 kind of has a history of giving up on history…after the kind of “merger” between the Big 8 and the SWC, schools kind of gave up on having a non-number name for their conference.

I’m doubtful that the B1G will rebrand.

I’m equally doubtful that the Big 12 will.

B12 has already filed trademark for the Big 14 and Big 16, I believe. Have they filed for Big 20?


Hmmm 12 teams and Big 12 does not work?

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Re: Big 12
I would do a refresh of the “XII” but keep the name. The time to refresh the logo would be this coming year. That way it is about four teams coming in rather than the two leaving. If we don’t do it now, then we should wait a few years so that it falls into the category of routine update as is commonly done. The worst thing to do would be to do it for 2024, where it would then seem to signify the loss.

Re: Big 12+4
Same as above, though I would be okay if we changed the name and the only change we made to the logo is “XVI”. The curvy logo actually looks better with XVI than with XII, IMO.

Re: Big Ten
Their decision to stay at that name has proven to be the correct one. Interestingly the B1G logo already looks kinda "16"ish so it’s good as-is.

Re: Pac-12
I think they may just drop the “12” and become the PAC. They may come up with what the PAC stands for but probably won’t.

Despite thinking the Big 12 should more or less keep its name in-tact, I am among the minority that thinks the BE-AAC rebrand was the right move. I understand the arguments against but the negative comparisons to what the Big East had been were crushing and I don’t think we would have been able to get out from under that. Especially with a “real” Big East existing under another name. We’d have forever been known as the Fake Big East. They chose a curiously bad name, though, and I hate it… I did like the logo and would have been cool with “Big America” / “Big A” using that. “Metro Conference” would have been the best name, though.

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The Big 12 is the best basketball conference in America. They were also in the national championship game in football.

The brand speaks of quality, I wouldn’t change anything except for maybe the logo.

if we add az schools and colorado
we could call it the south-west conference :wink:


When created, the Big XII trademarked Big XIV and BIG XVI. Will they change?

I wouldn’t mind Big XIV or BIG XVI. I’m old enough to remember the Big 8. So I have no emotional attachment to Big XII.

They also have Big 18 trademarked. This is why the Big 10 is still called the Big 10.

Big12 owns the names for a few other numbers. So they can if they wanted too. But the Big 12 should stay as that because it means something in any case. If they wanted to the 14 or 16 or 18 would be fine i guess

The Big American USA Coast Conference.

Or BAUCC for short.


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Southwest Conference is dead let it R.I.P. Don’t want a regional name brand want a national one. BIG XII, IV, VI, etc., fills the bill.

They should TM the Big 24 while they’re at it

The Ultra Mega Big Super American Coast to Coast Conference


Rebrand? Of course not… Big 12 is a powerhouse P5 brand that whole country recognizes…PAC 12 and BIG 10 dont worry about actual member numbers in their names… Why should we??


Makes us different, truth in advertising

The Big 12 has already rebranded. It happened the moment Yormark was hired.

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agree no rebrand… has a lot of market weight

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