Will the corners fill up

If we are in the big12? Or is the concourse too powerful?

Yes they will, even with another 10K capacity, especially for UT, OU, OSU, Tech, Baylor, KSU and TCU. The Navy game had a lot of people in the SW corner. You’ll see the corners packed for Louisville.

We’d fill them up NOW if we’d kick the visiting teams fans the hell out of the lower concourse and ship them to the Southwestside upper deck where they belong. Honestly, why the fudge are these people allowed to be in the lower concourse.


50k sounds just about right if UH goes into the Big 12. We would still keep the skyline view. And add a bigger allotment for the great students we have at UH.

The concourse is useful for rainy days. It’s my hideout.

Rainy days are fun if you have a decent rain suit and not a flimsy plastic garbage bag or $5 poncho. We need butts in the seats, not standing in the concourse.

I agree. We need to ask someone from Athletics why this is the case?

Maybe it’s so we get decent seats in return? The upper SW seems like it’s an opponents overflow area but it’s rarely needed.

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I think it is more of a courtesy thing. Want to offer visiting teams seats in the lower level so that when you are in their stadium they won’t screw your fans. The flip side of that would be UH fans complaining that tickets they bought through the school are in the nosebleeds. Offer seats at every level, but the initial offering should be in lower level.

I thought 3rd deck NW corner was for visitors. I suppose I am wrong if visitors get lower end zone. We bought Navy tickets through U of H and had total crap seats on sideline facing end zone. Not even on the 1 yard line. We need to do the same for visiting teams in TDECU.

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