Will Tom Herman be Successful at Texas?

I’m interested to know if Houston fans believe Herman will translate well at Texas. He did great things at Houston and I believe you’ll hire another great coach.


Yes he will.

Depends on who his DC is


Depends on whether his methods will be well received by the players. Surely they will see that his “family” mantra is a ploy.

The kisses before the game were cute at UH but will they be well received at UT?

Will the highly recruited players that are used to being catered to like being locked out of the weight room until they “earn” it?

How will the “hardest camp in college football” be embraced? Are the players willing to sacrifice their bodies and potentially their health (see concussion issues this year) for him?

I have no idea. I thought a blue-blood program like UT would never covet anything that UH has in this modern era but I was wrong so I am not going to venture a guess. But my desire for the continued downfall of UT just got stronger (and the basketball program is delivering this year so maybe football continues next year?).


I see it easily able to go either way. While Charlie Strong didn’t get results at UT, he came with a similar resume and pedigree, and didn’t leave the cupboard bare of talent by any means. Herman should be able to walk in and win immediately without changing much of his style. The “Big” 12 is ripe for the picking, and he has the drive, focus, energy, and charisma to succeed.

On the flip side, he may very easily succumb to the outrageous pressure from the boosters, which was likely the problem for Strong. Does any group of fans and boosters have less to show for their demands, or greater demands compared to their results? Herman is a control freak, and seems to be a bit thin skinned about any criticism that he sees as undermining his legitimacy. Not that those are unique characteristics at all, but important to consider. Texas the program, the fanbase, the booster club, really needs to look at itself in the mirror before sabotaging yet another rising star coach.

For my money, I think the second will ultimately be the case, but his first year may be enough of a honeymoon period that he will likely take a stocked team to the playoff with one loss out of conference. He will be done by the end of four years when the nagging and interfering has sabotaged him too much.


I think he’ll likely do well in year 1 as the Big 12 tries to acclimate to his schemes. He’ll have excitement on his side and he’s going into a conference where no one plays defense. If he’s able to get a good DC, he’ll do very well. But as we saw from year 1 to year 2 at UH, other teams will figure out his schemes and the flaws in those schemes. Just like we saw, I think you’ll see a significant drop off in how he does against conference opponents in year 2.

I think so. Really good coach, virtually unlimited resources, tradition rich program, incredibly weak conference. He should be very successful in a short period of time.

I imagine he turns the program around. He might win a handful of big games every year, but he’ll also have letdowns against Big 12 teams Texas is supposed to beat.

“tradition rich program” - Past performance not an indicator of future results. :slight_smile:


As a financial advisor, this one got me. Very well done. :joy:


I think he benefits from the what Strong started to do to clean up the program. He turns UT around and probably wins sooner rather than later. He’s a great coach. But if he struggles and the media starts to turn on him, watch out. He’s a great soundbite and mostly says the right things but doesn’t react well to any coverage that isn’t overly glowing or somewhat questioning. If he had issues with members of the media here, the coverage only intensifies in Austin.

I agree 100%. He must hire a really good DC

Indeed, I expect Herman to do well the first year. As noted above it will take a year for other teams to figure out his schemes. By year 2 he will be challenged, especially on the road. The UH crowd added a lot to his success at home. But he didn’t do nearly as well on the road.

I think he’ll be successful on the field. I don’t know how well he’ll deal with boosters or media scrutiny when problems ultimately arise. He’s a bit of know-it-all and that can work well at UH. I think he’ll need to be little more political in difficult times instead of lashing out. I don’t know if he has that in him. He’ll win games though.

who gives a :poop:


Couldn’t agree more with ya 70.

I believe this is going to be his downfall. On his last Ragin’ Cajun coaches show, he told a story about how upset he got when a UH booster he was playing golf with told him he should run more plays from under center instead of from the shotgun. If that got him upset, I have no idea how he’s going to handle UT boosters. All those big money guys want to have input and they’ll immediately get under this skin. It won’t be long before he’s either pissing all of them off or spending all his time trying to placate them. He’s way too much of a control freak to be able to handle UT boosters. And the whole time I’m going to have my big ol’ tub of popcorn in front of me while I laugh hysterically at this real life sitcom.


I think his relationship with the Boosters might be reminiscent of the movie Hoosiers.

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Yes. He will win a national championship with in 4 years. He recruited real well at UH when it wasn’t cool to come here and the fan base was small. He knows the Houston area talent real well and vice versa and the rest of the state. He took most of his UH staff there. I’m pretty sure he’ll land an excellent offensive and defensive coordinator with Texas deep pockets.

I’m more concerned who he will try to poach from our 2017 recruiting class. Getting Marvin Wilson and Walker Little in short notice would be a victory in itself for Herman and staff. UH needs to go to a P5 soon.

BTW, I hope he fails miserably and gets on the hot seat quick.

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At UH, they had to kick his ass, at Texas he will have to use his fake persona and lie his way around those dysfunctional boosters and program. He will have to pucker up a lot in Austin.