Willie Fritz!

I like Willie Fritz to replace CDH. He took perennial bottom feeder Tulane and put them in a NY6 game. He’s done a whole lot with not much. This in sharp contrast to CDH who has more resources available to him than any football coach in Houston ever, and does precious little. My two cents.


Too old and it would take a minimum of 6 years for him to be competitive.


I don’t know how old too old is, but whatever it is, it does not seem to be affecting him. And 6 years? That seems like way longer than anyone would tolerate. It’s just a thought however.

Should’ve hired him when we hired Applewhite


I would love Fritz here.
Took Sam Houston who was struggling to back to back FCS championship games.
At Georgia Southern he lead them in their first 2 FBS seasons, first season went undefeated in conference and second still made a bowl…that is impressive for first year FBS program.
And as we all know he has been very sucessful at a previous bottom feeder Tulane.

Not sure how great he recruits but he gets the most out of his players.


I don’t think a move to Houston is forward progress at this point of his career.

Willie’s a good guy and a good coach, but not the guy and not the coach for us.

Fritz was my first choice. Few years back after Applewhite…man has winner written all in his resume

He was my pick to replace Herman.

I wanted Fritz over Applewhite as well.

Will Hall from S Miss is a younger Fritz clone. They think a lot of like. Smart offensive mind. Doing a good job turning around S Miss.

Willie lump lump

Fritz would definitely be an upgrade over Dana. There are lots of good coaches out there, though, not just Fritz. The key is having a competent AD to chose the right coach. I hope I’m wrong about Pez, but I have very little confidence in him to make the right decision. I would not be surprised to see Pez go after another retread like Dana.

If we replace CDH, maybe we should get a good national search firm to help select a new HC.

Note: I am not saying replace him, just an opinion of a possible scenario if he is replaced by being terminated or retiring.

Last night Tulane beat So. Miss 21-3.

Whatever Fritz is doing, it’s resonating with his players. All this he’s too old is bunk. He may be on the back end of his career but he apparently brings in the right assistants, those are the guys that spend the majority of the time with the players. He’s done miracles at proverbial doormat Tulane.