Sure feels better. I know it’s not a remarkable win. But I think we are seeing glimpses of what’s to come.

Never dreamed we’d be rebuilding. But then again, I have maintained that the lack of continuity as a program foisted up on us by the P5 cartel and poor coaching the past 2 years got us here.


Team work is finally coming together…I feel it too…Getting Coach H Design and Implication of Air Raid Offense and 3rd Ward Defense is starting to show its Monsterous Head…We’ll see soon enough…Nothing to sneeze about… Hammer Time…Hot Rod (Car and Carr) sounds are everywhere…Running Offense is a good sign for Passing Game…Special Teams are Clicking Too… They were Perfectly Performing on all cylinders …


Neat. :+1:

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I love winning. Never get tired of it.

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