With Sasser and Mark out for the year…

Haven’t been able to follow the BBall team super closely this year. With Sasser and Mark out for the year- what is our realistic hope for the team? Tournament and sweet 16? Can we realistically hope for more?

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Win the league and make the tournament.


6-9 seed, after that it depends on the tourney match ups and how much other guys step up.

This team is incredible. I would bet money on another final 4 run and contention for a natty with Mark and Sasser in the fold given the growth I saw over the start of the season. With Mark and Sasser out I don’t see another final 4 run but this is still an incredibly talented roster with the ability to grow into each other well. I could see a sweet 16 run and more with favorable match ups. Without those 2 we are about as talented as the sweet 16 team from 2 years ago, just one man’s opinion


I cannot foresee another Final Four. Hope I’m wrong.

Before Mark and Sasser were lost for the season, I thought we would return to the FF.

If we make it to the FF, CKS should be COY.


Here’s some facts from ESPN.

With Sasser on the court this season, Houston averaged 116 points per 100 possessions and made 41.4% of its 3-point attempts, according to hooplens.com. Those numbers were reduced to 105 points per 100 possessions and a 27.1% clip from beyond the arc this season when he has been sidelined.

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Compare the new projected starting lineup with the 2019 Sweet 16 team. I assume (don’t kill me) 1- Shead, 2 - Edwards, 3 - Moore, 4 - White, 5 - Carlton. 2019 Sweet 16 - 1 - Galen, 2 - Davis, jr, 3 - Brooks, 4 - White, 5 - Brady.

Biggest thing that jumps out to me is Brooks’ shooting versus Moore, but Moore brings a more on the defensive end and possibly athletic rebounding. Also, White is much more of a three threat now than he was back then. Also, Shead could be much more of a scorer and distributor than Galen if coach gives him a green light and puts the ball in his hands.

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my realistic take:
sasser and mark are the only 2 players you could reliably count on to make their own offense… we should still be very good on defense, but the depth/fatigue of full game defense with guys playing 30+ minutes comes into play

removing all houston bias, and looking at our team on paper, the team memphis put out vs bama if im honest is likely leagues better than us… but that hasnt been the memphis we’ve seen all year, similar to smu, smu has blown out everyone recently, but started the year poor. we are better than the poor smu/memphis… but likely arent when they are playing to their potential

i still think we are better than Wichita and cincy, their rosters arent impressive… ucf is hard to read, they look good on paper but look beatable on game film… we are better comfortably than everyone else still

we cans still win the conference on defense alone… there are no good offenses in the aac except smu and smu is poor on Defense
but our bad offense will also make us susceptible to upsets by bad teams on good shooting nights by them…

the hard take that many might not like here…the tourney is built for offensive teams to thrive…there are great defensive teams that advance but they are normally paired with great offensives (like virginia and baylor who were elite 3pt shooting teams or us last year)…if its heavy offense or heavy defense, you prefer to be heavy offense in the ncaa tourney

“on paper” i dont think this team is built for a run…but here is the thing we havent seen this team on the court yet, with sampson adjustments … ramon might step up and become a 3pt flame thrower, edwards could start shooting 40% from 3, and there s the question what will we do with sharp and how read is he (who is known for offense)

so its hard to tell without seeing atleast 2 or 3 games


We most likely are waiting on another final four next year.

But still excited to see what this year’s group can accomplish…


With all that’s happened just make the tournament and I’ll be happy. I completely agree with pesik we just don’t have the offense to be more than “good” with what we’ve lost.


Honestly I’m starting to doubt we’ll even have a postseason this year. Hope I’m wrong though.

I am feeling that. I am getting some of that 2020 March feelings right now.

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I think there’s more of a chance that it plays out like last year rather than the end of the 2020 season


On paper, we shouldn’t have been in the sweet 16 a few years ago – but we were.


we had 2 40% 3pt shooters a 4year starting pg, and elite defense on a really old team and had 2 budding top 100 4stars coming off the bench (nate and dejon)…that team looked like a sweet 16 team…

that year we knew where the offense would come from to be a sweet 16 team… the rest of the season if we have a magical run the offense is goin to have to come from someone who’s never done it before as no one on roster has a track record of major scoring on good competition even prior to UH

UH has a full roster, but some of these guys are new and I honestly don’t know what to expect from some of the new guys. This UH team has 2 months to figure out who it is.


In Sampson we trust. The staff has 10 weeks to figure it out before the conference tournament.


Put my money on Shead, Edwards and Carlton.


Has a team ever played a final four in their home city before? Just curious. It would be really cool and the stands would be full of red.

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