With the 3rd Pick in the NBA Draft

The Rockets take…

Chet Holmgren

What do y’all think?



Banchero stock has been rising and could move into top spot or #2

Gives me a Shawn Bradley vibe…


So it’s most likely going to be Banchero. But I still don’t love Holmgren if he’s there. Way too risky a pick, the kids has incredibly high ceiling potential but also Shawn Bradley level bust for. If he was stockier I’d be more inclined to be all on board with this pick.


I think PB was the only one of those three they even interviewed.

I wouldn’t take Holmgren over the other two bigs or Ivey.

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I actually don’t think Holmgren has bust potential. Highest floor of everyone in the draft.

Holmgren’s game is nothing like Bradley’s. Holmgrem can dribble, pass, shoot. They just have similar body types. I’d love for Holmgren to fall to 3.

Every top draft pick has a chance for bust potential.


Holmgren would be best case scenario for Rockets, pair him with Alp and frontcourt is set. I don’t see him falling to us though

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It’s going to be Banchero. But Chet would be the best fit next to Alperen Sengun.

I do think banchero & Sengun can play well together, May take some growing pains, but I do believe if they can both improve their shooting & defense, they’ll thrive

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I’m good with Smith, Banchero or Holmgren…

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Sorry Bryant, have to call this out. This is as bad as some of the ESPN comps. His game is no where comparable to Bradley. Holmgren is 60% from the floor and 39% from 3, Bradley was barely over 50% with all his looks around the basket. Bradley couldn’t dribble a basketball more than 3 times before turning it over, Holmgren can lead the break and handle it like most wings. Only comparison is being tall, skinny, and shot blockers. Concerns about injuries for Holmgren can be brought up, but Bradley had a 12 year career with only one big injury. Durant was skinny and weak coming out of college but has done pretty well. I’m always more concerned about the Zion types who have too much weight for their frame.


Fair enough, I think it’s fair to say I don’t follow it close enough. The times I saw him play, I wasn’t blown away by him. But maybe too small a sample size to be fair. I do think he has an elite ceiling though he finds his groove like you pointed out he can achieve KD or a Dirk like levels.

What I like about him is he is a good rebounder and shot blocker.
Yes he might get pushed around by some but with inside-outside game he will be a solid pro

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He can do so much more than Dirk could. Already.

I can see Giannis. But with a jump shot. This dude is going to be scary.

Highest floor and highest ceiling for me in the draft.

The weight thing is overblown.

I like the KD comparison, but I also don’t. Their games are similar and very different. If that makes sense? Lol


That’s a good one.

Everyone saying Holmgrem is going to be a bust better be right. Because if he is good i’m going to clowned y’all.

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We are not alone in our view:

KD comparison only for skinniness and strength! If it was the 90s, I would be concerned with Holmgren. In today’s NBA, how many guys are going to take him in the paint and try to punish his weight? Then those same guys will have to defend him to the 3 point line. Plus he will get bigger and stronger.

And of course Bruce Pearl is going to take shots at Holmgren, he wants his guy to go #1! I like Jabari Smith and he would be the “safer” pick at #1. He could be a guy that compares to Durant more in his game.


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