Ladies play tonight in the First Round of the WNIT against San Francisco at 9:00. It appears winnable, Go Lady Coogs!

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Good luck!!

Lost. We went from being a very bad team to a very average team.

And it continues…not sure we got any better but UConn left helped some…

I didn’t realize there is a loser’s bracket to the women’s NIT. I was driving behind the UH bus today and wondered why they were still in town. Probably go check out the game Monday.

Not only is there a loser’s bracket but we advanced when New Mexico defaulted (covid?).

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Women beat Arizona State 50-48 to win the consolation final.


Is the transfer portal as crazy on the women’s side as it is on the men’s side?

If so, what are our chances of drastically improving our team for next season?

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Better to end on a winning note than a losing note–something to build on.


Rice won the tournament rather easily (over Ole Miss in the finals). I really don’t understand why Houston and Rice don’t play each other in women’s hoops. They play each other in most other sports (well in a normal year I guess - not this year in baseball either).

Hopefully, getting to the WNIT and finishing 3rd will help the building process.

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