Women - just one man’s opinion

That is a serious flex…well done.

So many parts of the speech were cringy, even for the audience. I am a practicing catholic too, maybe too liberal and subject to ex communication .LOL

I will give him props for getting choked up a bit when he was talking about what his wife means to him and his life, that was genuine. But as my wife pointed out, the life of a woman married to a professional athlete who is homemaker and mother of children might look a bit different than the experience of a woman in a middle class, pay check to pay check household.

I too out kicked the coverage with my wife.

@rtcoog @JohnnyCougar He shouldn’t be censored either, nor should he be fired or released by the Chief. Should he be criticized, well, yeah. He put it out there.

I do see a bit of hypocrisy when the same people who say athletes should stay in their lanes or just dribble when it comes to social issues, cheer this.


I know. I agree with you, just fine tuning my position about that sometimes a little tolerance towards an individual opinion is better than stifling it, not that anyone is calling for it. Just to be clear :blush:

Edit: there are opinions that certain opinions shouldn’t be shared when giving acceptance speeches or commencement addresses. Just saying.


That’s very helpful context and makes me feel a little differently about his tone and message.

I find it fascinating. He gives a speech of his own beliefs. You agree or disagree that is fine. Do you want to be respected or have an intelligent discussion? Respect his opinion(s) Don’t start sending insults/scud missiles because you do not agree with him. Articulate your opinion(s) and have a real dialogue if you are capable of it.

Look above, dialogue is very clearly happening. I even softened my stance as context was revealed.

That said, you’re lacking some self awareness in how you respond to opinions and beliefs. I find that fascinating.


I think the real question here is…:

why can’t i marry a rich wife so i can be a homemaker

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This is really the whole solution. Marry rich

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{clears throat} :thinking:

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I get what you’re saying, but you have to be kinda naive to not see how people would find his “opinion” incredibly unnecessary in any context or setting

I personally don’t care what he says, but a man telling women that they would be happy as homemakers, or even if it was the opposite… if a man suggested women would be happier having a successful career in the corporate world… at the end of the day it’s still an attempt at men controlling what women should or shouldn’t do. Is it not?

Religion doesn’t necessarily give people the right to tell what people, especially women, especially in today’s climate, should or shouldn’t do.

You are being disingenuous. How many times have watched/heard commencement speeches where the speaker was articulating their opinions? It happens on a regular basis. There are too many examples to single it out.

That being said, there is hypocrisy in everything these days.

Marriage, is still a conservative institution despite it being practiced by many progressives especially because it’s still culturally normal for the father to “pass down” the wife to the husband as if the daughter is property or a financial asset

I agree with you. His opinion is just that. Hence why insulting him? Moreover because of his opinions the chance to have him change his mind is null.

The lack of self-awareness in the 90210 zip code never fails to amaze me.

As a catholic, I get the audience he was speaking to. I can understand parts of his message, though I think he could have said it better. But his speech was also filled with a whole lot of other questionable rhetoric too.

I would be curious to read the opinion of a woman on this thread. So far, its just a few men who are defending or criticizing on what the role and choices a woman should have.

It is a huge sacrifice for anyone who makes the choice to stay home and raise children and be a homemaker (men can do that if they want to). It is “vocation” with no pay, your on call 24/7/365 days a year, you put your needs last, your work load is doubled around the holidays.


There is value in everything

If you insult him, then he knows to never say something like this PUBLICLY ever again

everything gets out these days, regardless of the setting

??? :thinking:

Notwithstanding not understanding WTH this is about, changing the topic to another poster is how :poop: starts and good discussion goes down the :toilet: .

What was that about not slinging insults?


I’m confused on what he was being disingenuous about in the post you replied to.



That happens all the times.

@92010Coogs oh this is so rich coming from you. LOL

I bet when other athletes have shared their opinions you have said “Stay in your lane…shut up and dribble” I am sure you have “thoughts” on Colin Kaepernick, Lebron James and others.

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not to defend 92010, but Kaepernick would be in the NFL right now if he was an actual good QB

He’s been given numerous workouts over the years