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As for trust funds, no.

It depends on the language of the trust document and its conditions.

Some simply pay the beneficiary a bunch of money when they reach a certain age.

At St. John’s, I met a lot of trust fund babies.

Liz Holmes was a trust fund Baby.

How come I never had a trust fund?


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I’m not.

I’m simply pointing out that they, like some here, may be reading more into his statement than what’s actually in the language.

In other words, making an issue out of nothing.

Answer: teams playing in sudden death overtime.

So your saying the nuns are wrong…gotcha.

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No I am saying that they might be mistaken.

And others here for the same reason.

Would anyone here dispute that the role that rtcoog’s wife plays as a homemaker is ONE OF her most important roles, as this kicker says?

I think not. I sure as Hell wouldn’t.

And if that’s the case, then there shouldn’t be any issue with what this kicker said.

Likewise, I doubt this guy would have any problem with the role that those Benedictines play, or consider their roles unimportant.

Catholics generally don’t feel that way, so I doubt he does.

Given that.

It’s silly to suggest or argue such a thing.

You’re missing the point that RT’s wife chose, on her own volition, to make that her role and give it that importance. She made that choice for herself for this period in time. No one forced her or told her that she would be buying into a “diabolical lie” if she decided otherwise.

Furthermore, the point is that Butker is telling ALL women that their most important calling is to be a homemaker, wife and mother and that it is a, again his exact words, a “diabolical lie” for them to be told or believe that a career or anything else could/should be greater. He said what he said. There’s no point in gaslighting people who understood him clearly.

It’s very silly, and some would characterize it in a less generous way, to suggest that these educated and astute nuns and scores of other women are being silly.


I don’t think his intent was to say that’s true of all women.

As I said, if he’s Catholic, which he appears to be, then he certainly wouldn’t have problems with nuns or sisters who obviously wouldn’t be filling that role.

People are probably adding to his statement and extrapolating it in ways that were NOT intended.

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This guy is certifiably off the reservation.

Nothing else needs to be said.

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I am not interested in debating his intent which is unknown to me and you. What we are discussing are his spoken words, which are known and a clear, plain reading and interpretation of what he said is he was speaking to ALL women.

There are no facts or evidence to assume this. The nuns, women and countless others clearly understood what he meant. Only you and others defending him are trying to substitute and deflect from his words.


Pun intended?

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What pun?

He plays for the Chiefs.

Ah, :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: ok

Don’t follow pros much unless one of my boys is playing.

I’ll add that she thought what the kicker said was offensive.


They should have punted it


We have only touched on the address he made to the women in the audience. He also used the speech to criticize Biden, abortion, IVF, the Covid response like a possible antivaxer, the LGBTQ community. His views are not that of all catholics and his speech seemed tainted with Christian nationalists talking points.

Telling women their lives will only really be fulfilling as a mother and homemaker when it has only been 50 years since women had had the financial freedom of not having to have a man cosign for a loan or credit really makes light of the suffering and abuse women had to endure because they did not have the ability or freedom to support themselves


Did you hear the rest of his speech? He’s an idiot bigot.


Butker’s views were known. Commencement speakers are part of the ritual of graduation, but very few graduates are motivated or inspired (for long) by anything said. You go on and get jobs, houses, beer, maybe a family of your own. The words of your commencement speaker aren’t on your brain’s speed dial.

The kids got diplomas. Now they get to go screw up their lives at least a little bit and leave their respective skid marks on the world. The End.