Womens game versus SFA on friday 630pm

Looks like the game will be on ESPN+. Not listed on the UHcougars site, but it is listed on ESPN+. Go Coogs.


Did they win the first game?

80-48 win vs Howard.


Score for Friday game?

Coogs got thrashed. 73 SFA - 52 Coogs. But, see volleyball thread.

Same ol same ol. Time for changes!

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I don’t understand why we can’t get this thing going, time is running out, Coach has to step up his recruiting.
GREAT NEWS : I finally located Starr Jacobshe is at UTA, the lady coogs will meet her up close and personal, Wednesday night in Arlington, she put up 26 against SHS in her last outing. I’m really happy for her. " go coogs"

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69-66 UTA overtime. The friggin Sun Belt owns us. this is so sad :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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They game should have never gone to overtime, we were leading by 15pts at the half.

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I agree very disappointing. Coach has too much talent tolose to theses levels of team.

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