World’s Most Deadly Tribe

I’ve always been interested in the expatriate European that leaves and keeps going. I’ve lived in seven different countries working in the private sector and it always amazes me to hear of explorers that meet a deadly native population and somehow survive to tell the tale. With that in mind there aren’t many that have survived this group.

Article from Aug 22’

You can also listen if you’re gonna drive.


Outstanding article. Thank you for posting.

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The first picture is creepy. It looks to be taken from skiff-level or akin to that. Looks like they snapped the picture on their way to shore. Imagine being on the freighter that ran a reef. Be hard to sleep at night wondering if they were walking around on board.

Fascinating. I remember seeing a story about them back in the 90s, I think.

Here’s another write-up with some video of one of the encounters.

Those guys are crazy. Basically begging to provoke these people.

Imagine sitting there, minding your own business, stroking your loin cloth and a bunch of people looking like the Mumbai Rotary Club come on your beach yelling, holding coconuts over their heads. I’d probably grab my arrows, too.

Sounds like they would make some good linebackers, take no prisoners attitude. Maybe we get CDH to go recruit some.

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Have you ever watched the show “Lost”? What if deep in their island, they were normal, intelligent, and sophisticated people and just put on that persona for the outside world? :joy:

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Yea, what if half of them have Phd’s from Stoney Brook Online

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