Would you hire Gary Patterson as our DC going to the big 12?

Something to think about his defense is good. I know he would not give up 20 yards on 4th and 20.


Sure if Belk gets hired away. Nobody is getting fired anytime soon.


Our defense was damn good on Saturday… We scored 13 points on offense in regulation…


It’s true… One stop could’ve won it… Also, one mediocre drive for a FG could’ve won it, too…

13 points on Tech in regulation is ridiculous…


The only thing people remember from that game is 4th and 20.


We are giving up an average of 483 yards and 34 points per game so far but yeah that 4th and 20 was inexcusable

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Why would he leave the almighty UT to come here?? Sarcasm on the almighty UT lol

Especially as a defensive coordinator? I could see him considering a head coaching job but why leave his current defensive analyst position at ut?

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This is a dumb thread


Soup du jour.

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Why would Patterson come here when he can coach 5 star players? Notice how the Texas defense gave Alabama everything it wanted and more?
The athletes have always been there but now they have the coach to get something out of them.


Patterson and the UT defense was excellent against Alabama.

Once Ewers went out the UT offense was not going to win that game.

Just another great outing by Patterson.

Not in regulation…

You can’t really count OT points against the D with that short field.


Sure, but do you think we can outbid UT? May as well ask if we would hire Saban, as if he would leave Bama for us.

Out of curiosity has Coach Belk done a presser? I’d love to hear his thoughts on what the issues have been with the prevent defense.

Hell, Saban turned down UT and they offered him more than he makes at Bama.

Well guess what, they count. And the 483 yards per game are real no matter how many quarters you play.
And I think our pass defense ranks around 275

Thats what makes the end of game/half stuff so frustrating. 95% of the game the defense has been a solid unit. But we’ve also allowed the other team to score 3/3 times in minute or less situations. Thats mind blowingly bad.

Hell to the YES I would hire Gary Patterson in a heartbeat. He has good Defense DNA.