Would you rather…?

Some on here are saying our backups are worse than Tune somehow. So, would you rather ride with Tune and go 7-5 or roll through our QBs to see if we have another QB we can count on and leave the record where it falls?

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Holgorsen is a dead man walking. I would rather not get anyone hurt. It’s too late. Leave Tune in and let’s get through the season

Last time we changed QB’s midseason, we found Greg Ward Jr.


I just don’t see how it would hurt to try out Massoud or even Ike. I mean are they THAT bad?


Uh your timeline’s a bit off. The last time we changed QB’s mid season we found Clayton Tune lol


Great, at least he’ll break a record. The interception record…

I get this. I do.

But who is going to want this job? If Holgo doesn’t make it, who would want a job where average lifespan in the last decade is 2.5 years?

Willie Fritz would jump in a heart beat.



1st time I have EVER commented on Tune.

With him the schedule is easy enough to still win 8 games BUT maybe the bench guys show something they dont see in practice.

Tune just doesn’t have the vision down field. He has played alot of football to still throw those rotten eggs.


I’ve already said he is getting another year no matter what happens this year.

Dana’s gonna end up making more money in 3 years here than most G5 coaches make in decade +. As long as we don’t try to strong arm the buyout, there will be plenty of interest.

I think we go about 7-5 regardless. (I’ve been saying thinis for months) I think the end result is the same with some qb experimentation as well. May as well switch it up to see for sure what you actually have.

There would be a LONG line. Coaches don’t think that way.
UH FB HC has huge upside.
We are just on a run of tough hires. (we still should have a good year in terms of wins and losses)

Someone needs to come in and tell him he needs to hire an offensive coordinator.

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I agree. This is a lifeless offense. No running and never-ending passes that can’t clear the LOS.

Why get the next guy killed?

It feels like Bill O’Brien is our head coach.


If Kansas can lure some poor sap into the coaching hell hole of Lawrence, then Houston can replace Holgs…but hell, I honestly would just let the season play out first…I’ve never been a fan of firing coaches during a season and it doesn’t really change anything much.

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No, I think that’s backwards…you need to bring in a head coach that tells him he is only good at being an offensive coordinator…Dana can run an offense but not a program…he needs a head coach to lead the program so he can do what he does best.

I think Dana gets extended as we beat on some kittens.
They set the schedule up for him figuring this one in as a loss.

He is very good friends w our $ guy. Dana is a member of his party krewe.

We sure as sh-t haven’t seen it in Htown cept vs the dregs.