WOW -- 25 LGBT groups ask B12 to not add BYU

25 LGBT groups send letter to Big 12 urging it to shun BYU

After the Baylor mess, the last thing the B12 wants is more bad publicity.

This could really hurt BYU’s chances if they don’t get in front of this NOW!

Given that the LDS church recently adopted a hard line against LGBT members, I don’t think there is any way to “get out in front” of this. The Big 12 will either accept them as they are…or not.

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I’m hearing that the NRA will share its thoughts with the Big 12 at an 11 a.m. (10 a.m. Central) news conference tomorrow.

The Executive Committee of the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association has Big 12 expansion on the agenda for its Thursday meeting. An announcement by NAIMA is expected on Friday … Monday, August 15 at the latest. Let’s hope they endorse #GoCoogs

TCU Asst. AD is retweeting negative BYU articles, and posted the ESPN article about their admittance being inconsistent with Big 12 member’s values.

There may be legs to BYU being out over this.

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Recently? The LDS church along with many other Christian denominations have always considered homosexuality a sin. Baptists (Baylor) and Methodists (TCU) are on the same page as the Mormons.

Just because it is a sin doesn’t mean the LGBT community shouldn’t be treated with love and respect. However, LGBT activists would make people believe Christians hate homosexuals. That is a false assumption. I don’t agree with everything my kids do, but I still love them. LGBT are no different.

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A slight correction: TCU is not affiliated with the Methodist Church; it is affiliated with The Christian (Followers of Christ) Church.

Same guy who tweeted positively about Memphis on July 30. Turns out he is from Memphis.

Either way, I doubt he speaks for the TCU Chancellor.

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Brigham Young University’s Sexual Assault Policy Under Federal Investigation

The Mormon-owned university said it found out on Thursday that the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights was investigating the school, alongside more than 200 others, on questions about the way it handles reports of sexual violence, the Associated Press reports.

BYU ranked among the least LGBT-friendly campuses

Brigham Young University remains one of the most hostile campuses in the country for gay and transgender students, according to an annual college ranking list.

The private university is not quite as high atop the list of LGBT-unfriendly schools as it was last year in an annual report from The Princeton Review.

This time around, Provo- based BYU took sixth place for its environment for gay students. That’s down two slots from last year, when the LDS Church-owned school took fourth.

My guess is she was being investigated by BYU for having a male in her residence after allowable hours, a violation of the honor code. I agree that there is a concern there that if a sexual assault victim feels their academic standing could be in jeopardy, they may be less likely to report the assault. Other reports sound like BYU has changed their policies so that a victim of sexual assault cannot be investigated for an honor code violation.

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