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My God, the difference a hard hitting and technically sound defense makes for a program’s respect is amazing. It is so hard to match the excitement from the red hot offense of the Keenum era, but the feel of the completeness of this team is emboldening. Opposing teams (and talking heads) will respect ever facet of this team’s game. L.E.G.I.T.

No joke. Our defense has gone from just being “those 11 guys on the other side of the ball”, to becoming the heart and soul of the team. It’s incredible.

ABC’s on-field reporter yesterday had it right. I don’t remember how exactly he phrased it, but it was something like, “They look like another TCU in the making”.

“They look like another TCU in the making”.

TCU’s defense was shredded by South Dakota St.

Yeah, but this was before that happened. He meant TCU in their prime, think when they won the Rose Bowl and finished #2.

My thoughts exactly. I have no problem being compared to those years of TCU ball.

I love the added bonus of just how strong the brotherhood is with this team. CTH talking about the defense not sweating the last minute fumble by the offense and just going out there to get their backs. Awesome stuff. It is a special team deserving of the high praise.

#GoCoogs #BeatLamar #1-0

I’d like to think of us as Louisville on steroids, or early Beamer VT, or, ya know, Houston back in the late 60s.

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