Wow - Memphis didn't make the first cut

Who else is missing from the original 12? Temple?

Interesting. Where there is smoke, there is fire. A decision coming soon.

Good old dependable C. Austin Cox. Seriously, has he ever been right about anything?

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Another Monday fell through the cracks for those tigers …

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Memphis press confirms

FedEx also “would uniquely position the University of Memphis to request only a portion of new revenue for several years until renegotiation of the conference media right agreement occurs.”

Sources told ESPN that offering to accept less revenue might have actually hurt Memphis’ chances.

That’s bizarre. I mean, it shows a more than a little desperation to offer to take less than a full share in the initial conversation, but it seems to me that this kind of structure is likely to be forced on any prospective expansion team. I’m surprised that ESPN is reporting that offering to take less than a full share hurt Memphis’ chances. UH better take notice. DO NOT ACCEPT less than a full share. The Big 12 doesn’t want that.

Nothing hurt Memphis other than being the tier 4 school that it is. Rice, Tulane, and SMU still being in consideration prove that an academic baseline to get into the door was drawn, and Memphis doesn’t cut it.

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Rice, Tulane, and Smoo still being in consideration prove the big 12 doesn’t know what the truck they’re doing.

The conference is keeping school like Rice, Tulane, and Smoo around for one reason - and one reason only. They will be used to force the schools that are selected into taking a smaller part of the TV money than they even gave to TCU and West Virginia. They will offer a reduced package to the selected schools, and then tell them to “take it or leave it; if you refuse, we have others who will accept it.”


I don’t think Rice, SMU, or Tulane are around just for leverage; may just be for presidents to make contact and do favors for other presidents. Those 3 are destination schools for some academics and ultimately, its college presidents that vote. Don’t want to burn bridges and such.

Memphis being cut is a good thing. Means that the Big 12 isn’t FIFA or the Olympic committee and willing to be bribed to get in. Honestly, Memphis is a words candidate than the other 3 as they have no football history prior to the last few years. Hell, the only reason they made the cut for the Big East was basketball and the market and FEDEX promising to spend money…which they never did. Maybe if FEDEX had started spending money to upgrade the University in 2011 like they said they would, Memphis would be in a better place. Instead, they still have almost no football history, their basketball program is suffering, and they still have the same bad academics and facilities.

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Prestige and Influence

These were the stated criteria by which schools would be judged. Memphis is neither. If Fed Ex wants influence (as a sponsor for Memphis) then let them step up and endow the university now rather than paying for a hamburger on Tuesday and eating it today (wimpy)

BYU and UCONN are prestigious and influential. Many high ranking dignitaries have visited Rice, and SMU and Tulane are prestigious. If any of their fan bases were rabid, they probably get major consideration. Air Force meets the criteria too. High academics and dedicated fans.

Houston is tier 1 and the influence of UT. If we don’t get in and others do, than the governor and lt governor are impotent.

I still like four: BYU; Air Force, UH and UCONN
And they all get 1/2 a share and the carriers pay for 2

The best academic schools are still in it to show the country that the Big 12 has high academic standards. SMU, Rice, Air Force, and Tulane are simply the Big 12’s pawns to achieve that specific end. On total package, UH, Cincy, and BYU are the real contenders- all are also solid academic schools in their own right but have other big strengths. Three teams for what looks like will be two spots. Thing is Texas has the veto with the 4 school Texas block and I highly doubt they let both Cincy and BYU in without UH. This gives them an 8-4 disadvantage of non-Texas vs Texas schools and it also doesn’t remove the opposition to UT-Houston which a UH invite will IMO. Nor does it do a darn thing to shore up the Houston area for the Big 12 which is now behind the SEC and UH. The Big 12 owned Houston 10 years ago, not anymore. UT also had their greatest success during this time, their inroads into Houston were vital at that time- think Vince Young. UT is going to get UH and OU gets to choose between BYU and Cincy or no expansion IMO.

I think they may expand to four and that is why the academic schools are listed.
Something like UH, BYU, Cincy, and Tulane.

Okay. I’ll agree that if the B12 takes four teams that there’s no way that the TV partners pay full contract price. But it doesn’t make sense for the B12 to 1) Add four teams, 2) Have the TV partners pay for two teams and 3) Give 1/2 shares to each of the four new members.

That would mean that all the additional money goes to the new teams. Part of what the existing B12 members want is a cash grab. You can’t grab any cash if you’ve given it all away.

What about the championship game?

Actually, I think it makes Oklahoma look magnanimous and important. Maybe that’s payment enough. OU gets credit for pressing for expansion (the Leader); UT gets their satellite campus, the other existing schools get a more stable conference, with more voice by virtue of diluting Texas share. The four new entrants are additive to the educational profile (except UH), add content to the TV partners, and don’t “cost” anything. Any four invitees will be happy to take 1/2 share, which is more than they have now, so they get to improve facilities, get a step up in class on Saturdays, and are positioned at the table for the long-term.

The networks absolutely win here by adding four teams and maybe increasing the payout to 2.5, with the .5 going to existing members. There’s your cash grab.

No one is confrontational, no one gets sued, everyone saves face and gets something, with UT and OK getting the most.

It’s going to be Houston and BYU at spots 1 & 2; I’m not sure if or who for 3 & 4, but I think a deal similar to the one above could be at worst neutral for the other eight members financially,

This whole process has been damn stressful, and I’m imagining these Presidents are looking for a way to bring closure to this thing, so I don’t rule out a naked cash grab, but I’m suggesting something a bit more nuanced.

This whole concept of half shares is so ridiculous…never happening. The only reason you got there is because you keep adding and adding complexity to the situation in your head so you create ideas that will ameliorate some of the hesitations you have. If someone mentioned half shares before you went over expansion hundreds of times in your mind, you would have laughed you’re butt off.

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