WOW Miami - Cincinnati Rivalry Game

The 127th Victory Bell game was play between Cincinnati and Miami, Ohio this past Saturday. Miami won 31-24.

Series is now tied at 60-60-7.

Nippert Stadium was Sold Out.

But, but I am told that we are working on renewing the UH - Rice Bayou Bucket rivalry game that saw 23,425 Tickets sold.

Go to the ESPN College FB Score site and check out the game photo. Embarrassing, but tells in a picture how few FB fans in the city of Houston care about the UH - Rice game.

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And tells how few FB fans care about either team in general

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ESPN used a photo from another game. I realized it when I notice fans sitting in the visitor upper deck and no UH band. The upper deck was either closed or no one wanted to sit there during the game. Those seat were not needed.

If the resolution is good enough, you could zoom in on the scoreboard… if the suns out and we have points on the board, prob a different year.

Yes it was. But think about this.
ESPN editor asks if there is a game photo. No, was the response. Editor realizes it is a Rice home game and most visitor side photos look almost identical from game to game. So they just found one and used it.

Sad, but probably true.

Stock photo. They use them for all schools. If you notice, that end zone is where their new football facility is located. Pic is at least 5-6 years old.

The Brian Patterson Sports Performance Center was under construction in 2015 per Wikipedia. So at least over 8 years ago.

Last year the 6A State Championship game between North Shore and Duncanville at AT&T Stadium drew 47,808 fans. Twice the Rice - UH game that was in Houston.

Yeah, very few care about Rice.

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