The cyclist ran a red light?

Of course he did.

Cyclist have made this a gravelly dangerous city.

I have no problem with the sport of cycling or using a bike as a transportation method but follow the darn rules of the road.

It is a nightmare for drives and pedestrians alike out there.


Meanwhile Tucker asks, “what is a hit and run?”

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Your post is highly offensive. Have you ever ridden a bike? At all times drivers have to be aware of cyclists especially in urban settings. Both should be prosecuted.

The Satellite is not a safe space for you. I suggest you stop getting so easily offended.





She should absolutely resign. If it’s part of the law and she can’t follow it, what is she even doing in office.


Exactly. This is not a right, middle or left issue. What kind of a human being does not stop after hitting anything?
It reflects 100% on her charater.
The only logical explanation is that she had something to hide. Either way she should resign ASAP.
The byciclist should be cited and should perform community service.

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You are using gifs now?

I don’t think I ever stopped really… But if I’ve violated an unspoken truce or something then whoops, my bad.

I’m all for this line of thought, as it would effectively eliminate roughly 95% of our politicians.

Holding them to the same standard as you or me? Heavens!

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You run over someone and drive away and people are really saying you shouldn’t lose your position of public trust.

She should lose her position but not administratively. She should lose it because she’s behind bars. Rendering aid is more than just a moral stance. Its a practical matter that saves the life of someone you might have harmed.”

“I want to issue an apology to my family, my constituents, and to the people of gravel pit township. I have committed to stopping and rendering aid the next time I run over someone. I was unaware that running over someone and leaving them crumpled on the street was a crime.”

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Unless, of course, you felt your life was in danger, and stopping to render aid could have exposed you an angry mob.

Clearly not the case here, but one that I can see someone using as a defense (look, the lady ran over a cyclist and didn’t stop to ask if he was okay. I’m not setting the bar real high here).

Again, cyclist was at fault for running the light. She needs to be thoroughly investigated for leaving the scene/ failure to render aid, and go from there. In my humble opinion. Which is an awesome one.

Well, I agree there are definitely situations these days where you would have a legit defense for not stopping. But, like you say, this was not one of those cases.

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This thread is one of the best example on how far our country is divided.
It exemplifies what bias/blind folded means.
Regardless of party affiliations she should have resigned and be given her rights.

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