He does not have all his marbles in his mind it probably happened.

Was Moron really necessary? He just linked to a truthful article about your guy.

No this should have been on the politics board.

Politics board was created to keep this crap off this board.

We talk about dragons and such on this board.


Moron was totally unnecessary. It was an honest mistake.

yea my bad…mods move it please…Sam get ahold of yourself

Response unbecoming of a person who identifies himself as Sam Houston.


“Did.” “Didn’t.”

The difference between someone who made a mistake versus someone who sold his country out, threw it under the bus for the world to see while kissing Putin’s backside and holding a press conference to actually explain how he turned his back on the country.

Yes, let’s do a 24-hour marathon on FOX about this student loan comment tragedy.

People accidentally put things on the wrong board all the time, basketball on football board and vice versa. No need to be nasty about it just because you have different political views.

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I love this play. It means the only thing you have to counter my post is to invoke some made up bs which accurately reflects on you.


MUBS works with ~65% (ballpark but accurate IMHO, it can be discussed) of Republicans. No bueno.