WSU game

What side will UH be on? The typical Texans sideline or the other side? I’ve got tickets and hope to be on the right side

You want to be on the “winning” side. The crowd will be 90+% UH fans - so it won’t matter where you sit.


True but I want to be behind our bench

Can I just throw in a 5 minute standing ovation for Chris Pezman for not only eliminating the potential nooner or 2:30 kickoff in a 113 degree heat index, but also managing an 8:15 pm kickoff for the Friday game. This will doubtless hurt the divorce lawyers revenue stream as nobody should have to stress out waiting for their spouse to get home early from work in order to slug through rush hour traffic trying to make a 6:30 start.


I looked at the seating chart provided by Ticket Office and or Cougar pride. It is showing Sections 121-133, 334-346 and 527-537 as being allocated for U of H season ticket holders. These sections are behind our bench.

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What is the expected attendance? Low 20ks?

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I’m hoping for 40K


I think attendance could vary widely depending on how we look against OU.


Well great, I accidentally bought tickets on the Wazzu side

I think 40k if we beat OU. I just can’t imagine WSU is bringing many fans and why I think it will be in the 20k range…upper end. It is also on a friday that affects attendance too.

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The real question is whether UH -WSU out draws Rice - Texas.

Doubtful. I bet NRG will be packed with burnt orange.

Correct UT will out draw us, UNLESS we beat OU

Probably about what it was for UH vs BYU in 2013 @NRG . 35-45k enough to make some noise and have a good environment but not near sold out.

If we beat OU it could be closer to 55k. I’m assuming WSU will have around 5k there they’re not a very big school but mike leach will bring some fans of the sport out.

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We also probably need UT to lose 1 or 2 games before to outdraw them as well. I just hope our game against Washington State doesn’t have a bunch of longhorn crap all over the field.

There will be a local Tech contingent that will be there for Mike Leach too. Could be another thousand or two for WSU.

Let that be a lesson to ye laddie, buy season tickets and you will be with the Coogs.


Texas will probably sell out.

THIS is the first time in 23 years my family ain’t had season tickets so thanks for the advice but we usually do have tickets