I know we just finished the game a few hours ago but looking ahead to next weeks game. I 1. It’s going to be a barn burner 2. We have to play dang near perfect 3. It’ll be fun!
That being said how many Wazzu fans are y’all expecting to be there Friday night? I’m guessing 5K at most unless there’s a bunch in the greater Houston area that I don’t know about. I think this is like a 56-49 kind of game what say y’all

I say not really.

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We have no chance Friday if we play like we did tonight, defense is bad, offense is out of sync


I doubt there will be 5K Wazzu fans. We have similar attendance levels for our home games and they aren’t sending down fans on a Friday night.

I’d expect, maybe 1K from them (maybe less).


WSU will probably bring 500-1000 fans. This game will be mostly Houston fans, unlike the OU in ‘16. I sure wish this game was being played at TDECU.


We got paid 1.7M for changing.
We got a better time slot 8:15
We dont have to fight traffic with the Horns on Saturday. (they’re having a harder time selling the stadium than us)
We are in an air conditioned closed stadium
We are in Houston 7 minutes from campus, it might as well be a home game.

The only thing i see about wanting to be at TDECU is it would be louder, but other than that i cant justify playing on campus for this one with the NRG option.


I expect the defense to give up a lot of points and yards. Can the offense keep up? Based on the first two games, no.


Have to start well. Our offense looked great in the 1st quarter when we put up 24 points and allowed King to run.

CDH put the clamps on King after that, don’t think he ran. Could be to avoid injury, could be to work on a few things in the pocket.

Question is if we’re the 1st quarter team or the rest of the game team. I also wonder if CDH isn’t quite as focused on this one as the next one. He’s mentioned the 4 games in 19 days thing a bunch and he’s trying to limit offensive plays right now.

This will be a much different offense than what we’re seeing now later in the season.


THE KEYS to the offense. Let King be King!


In a strange way I think he only WANTED to show a flash of what we can do for the players’ confidence. He may have a bag 'o tricks and abilities that he is holding back for Wash.

Not so sure, just figure there is more method than madness to Holgerson.


We will get smoked Friday

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I know of 1 Wazzu fan in Houston and she will be there screaming loudly.

Thanks… I’ll not bother watching


Give CDH and his staff 3 or 4 more years to recruit, build and amalgamate and we can have a eminent program. Sadly, we have had too many years of maladroit management with ephemeral success.
When you get my age “next year” can seem so far away and uncertain. But, I lived through our only winless season never missing a home game so I guess I can endure this year. I know this sounds kinda down but after what I saw last night I fear this season may not be the success many have foreseen.


Read sarcasm there, please. I had a bit of athletic experience so I believe there is a reason to play the game!

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Wazzu has small home crowds because Pullman is BFE. Most alumni live around Seattle, and there are tons of them, but the Seattle- Houston flight is surprisingly expensive.

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This is what has been so frustrating for me this year. I get that CDH wants to build a program the right way and I’m all for it. What I don’t understand is reining in your single greatest offensive threat out of fear of getting him hurt, when this is the only year you have him. I’m not suggesting you throw him to the wolves by just letting him run wild, but this is the risk you deal with when you have a QB who can run like King. Instead of keeping him imprisoned in a pocket, just teach him how to better protect himself when he’s outside the pocket. Sliding, getting out of bounds, etc. If King remains shackled all year, we’re in for a long, frustrating season and King can hang up any dream of getting drafted as a QB.

WSU was 11 - 2 last year …

So far this season they have barbecued two poor sisters (NMexSt and NColorado) by almost 60 points each

So I doubt they will come in like Santa Claus ho ho hoing like it is Christmas … more like vikings invading northern Scotland laying waste to all the villagers … and leaving just as quickly …

It could be grim OR it could be a barn burner if King puts up the ball as accurately as he did before he was injured last year …

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If he is holding back anything, I hope it is for AAC play otherwise he should have emptied the bag against OU from the first play. Beating WSU would be nice but I would rather lose the WSU game and win the AAC if those are the only two options.

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I agree with 3rdWardCoog WSU will smoke us if King continues to struggle in the passing game. King missed too many open receivers in the PV game which if completed would have resulted in big gains and or TDs. His timing and accuracy in the first two games this year are not what they were last year. Also it appears CDH is limiting King’s running. If so, why? I think King is better when he is dual threat. Then again I’m not getting paid $4 million to coach the COOGS.