He definitely is, I think the reasons are both sorry and long term. Short term no one is more valuable to any success we have than King, and extra running increased his chances of getting hurt. Long term he wants King healthy all season so we can preserve the backups redshirts.

But I’m with you, of we want to have more than 6-7 wins this year. He’s going to have to turn him loose a lot more.

Been on their boards and their backup linebackers are walkons. Maybe there was an absurd commitment to the run this past game because CDH is on to something. :thinking:

It may be a time of possession game. I don’t think coach wants to give Leach a bunch of time with the ball Friday. I think CDH said Carr was ready to go last week but held him out due to the opponent.



I wonder if there has been a greater emphasis on running the ball in practice and that has affected King’s passing.


I have visions of that BYU game at Reliant few years ago. That was an awesome game despite the loss.

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We can win but it will take a major upgrade in focus!

The offense has been badly out of sync. King has to stop throwing off his back foot resulting in badly missing wide open receivers.

We apparently have numerous injuries that were not disclosed. Need Chambers, Lark, Patrick Car to contribute. Most of all we need effort and poise. Show me the D’Eriq King that threw bombs to Stevenson last year.

Like the previous poster said, we seem inclined to commit to running and WSU appears vulnerable on the ground. If we can run this will open up deep routes but players have to excecute.

I’m really concerned about the DB’s…they have already been exposed (even in the PV game)…corners and nicklebacks falling off routes and safeties out of position #facepalm …i’m sorry but this is not a good sign. I know it’s early but a weak defensive backfield in college football in this day and age is a bad thing…a really bad thing

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It was one of the best games I’ve ever witnessed.

I was wondering why they weren’t running more quick intermediate routes instead of all the tunnel screens and passes behind the LOS. Quick routes, down the field would help move the chains and King could still utilize his running talent

Because that would suggest tendency and expose the playbook. With a huge game on Friday, can we really blame CDH for keeping things close to the vest?

that crossed my mind too and I hope that’s the case but idk…they didn’t really show anything against ou either and that will probably end up as their toughest opponent this year (I know they were figuring things out that game too)

agreed and we knew the DB’s would be problematic going into the season. We brought in 1 guy Jordan Moore to shore up the position and he got kicked out of school.

yeah he could have helped …that weakness in our defense is a strength in a mike leach offense. I hope this is a coachable thing and not a talent issue

A building strength of our offense (running the ball) is a weakness in WSU’s defense.

Edit: one thing is for sure, this team is battle tested (played OU in Norman) and Wazzu is not. They played an FCS school and one that might as well be FCS (New Mexico State). We might have a chance.

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And Mike Leach will not call off the dogs.


I wouldn’t call rushing defense a weakness for wsu. In their 2 games (against poor opponents) they gave up 3.7 and 2.7 ypc. UH definitely has a chance BUT in college football now-a-days you need to be able to defend the pass and based on what I saw against PV, UH has some work to do. I know they can win against wsu but it wont happen with the defense they’ve showed thus far


lol 3.7 and 2.7 ypc is not good versus that type of talent. They gave up those long runs too. I respectfully disagree about winning by only stopping the pass, and so does Army and Memphis 2018. If you can’t stop your opponent from running the ball and limiting your opportunity on offense, you better score every time you have the ball because just running downhill is as easy as it gets to scoring.

People need to also give PV some credit. They had a 4-star WR from Aggy (195th ranked overall recruit coming out of HS), and another good one from Oregon. They were bound to get some plays against this secondary. If they truly are suspect against the run (like a handful on their boards have stated), then we shorten the game and put the pressure on them.

Not true

the long runs were the only reason those teams even averaged that much. 2.7 is really bad no matter who you are. I didn’t say that you win only by stopping the pass I said “in college football now-a-days you need to be able to defend the pass”. A team can be great at stopping the run which would force their opponent into passing situations which would do no good if you struggle against the pass. As for your comment about the pv game “They were bound to get some plays against this secondary” - that’s exactly my point they shouldn’t have. WSU isn’t Clemson, or Bama but they’re a pac 12 team (which means they traditionally love to stretch the field) in a mike leach system …i’m sorry but I do not want to see our team on the bad end of a track meet

not true about what? Jordan Moore definitely got kicked out of UH for breaking rules

Uff, I saw a lot of that from where I was sitting. Hopefully they can clean it up

Are you a Coog or a Coug?

There is also the possibility of negative plays like TFLs, sacks, and actual stops before a 3 yard pick up. And I agree 3.7 is not good at all.

“Need” isn’t the same as only, but it is closely related in this context in that need and have to relates to winning the game. I wasn’t trying to make the point of the Coogs stopping WSU’s passing attack, I was implying that the pressure will shift to WSU if they can’t stop our running backs and have enough time with the ball to exploit our weakness.

We might be. And we might not. Just depends on who “your” team is. lol