WVU Now Against Playoff Expansion

I don’t really understand why OUT would change the WVU President’s opinion to expand to 12 teams.

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There are 11 CFP board of managers … 6 are none Alliance … 5 are Alliance + one leftover8 … assuming the Alliance will vote against and the none Alliance will vote for the CFP expansion then the expansion will fail since the passage needs to be unanimous.

However … I suspect the Pac12 will vote for since expansion is their only chance for the CFP if the CFP stays at four … the same for the leftover8 … they will probably talk the WVa prez into changing his mind.

The Alliance should realize that the SEC will be top heavy and shot themselves in the foot adding OU and UT with the teams knocking each other out and that SEC champ and runner up could well end up with two losses … a none qualifier for the four team CFP and the extras for the 12 team CFP …

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I guess it also helps the Big 12 maintain it’s position of strength concerning conference expansion. If CFP expands to 12 teams there is no reason for any school to leave the AAC… At 4 we ALL jump to the Big 12 if invited.

In addition, the B12 will continue to get its CFP base payout share of $67M.

They are just aligning with the other conferences to wait out the current contract with ESPN. If the vote was to expand today, then only ESPN can increase the payout. If they wait until the current contract runs out, then all the networks can bid on the playoffs.

I think it’s because expansion means a ton more money to the SEC. The SEC will always have at least 2 and probably 3 playoff teams and the watered down B12 will never have more than one.

That’s his fear anyway. And it is valid on its face.

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If I was West Virginia I would stay quiet. Why piss off ESPN?

The leftovers are acting like they are relevant, why?



Exactly… And a 12 team playoff definitely benefits WVU… So, why!?

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Again, this is so pathetic . Who in the hell cares what WVU thinks? It’s a crap school in a crap state that is literally losing population. In ten years WVU may have 20k students if it’s lucky.

The whole idea that ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC and the streaming companies are going to give a crap about WVU in 2 years is hilarious.

These guys need to take a deep breath and accept the reality of their situation. It’s like someone at the Craps table who keeps playing because he has someone footing his bill. Then, his sponsor moves on, but the gambler keeps playing like nothing has changed.

UT and OU left, took their money and found a new lady, and the Scared 8 still think that everything is just fine. Problem is, if they checked the mail they would know that the bank is about to foreclose on the house, the car is getting repossessed, and the lights are about to get shut off.

But hey WVU, OSU, Baylor and KSU, y’all keep doing you. See you at the poor house.


Delay the inevitable, great look

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OU and UT are OUT


He is using his leverage to get WV into ACC.

ESPN owns ACC contract

ESPN tells Acc to add WV

Gordon flips the vote to Yes for expanded playoffs

big 12 folds

AAC adds some of the leftovers



I think you have what is going to happen. The Big 12 is dead.

E. Gordon Gee, the 77 year old bow tie wearing anti-Catholic president of WVU, has always been against smaller schools. Remember this is the former two-time president of the ohio state university who had to apologize after his “little sisters of the poor” comment about Boise State and of all teams, TCU.

Over his 40 year career, he’s been president of Colorado, Brown, Vanderbilt, Ohio State (twice), and West Virginia.

This genius made up his mind years ago and he’s not going to change his position even if it’s not in his current employer’s best interest.

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Well played by him…