WW3 coming soon

And we have a senile old man at the controls.


Wait, I thought he wasn’t?


Great , right when we get into the big12. Lol

I doubt it’s WW3 but we don’t need more wars


Tell Saudi Arabia that we don’t have enough oil for our military to help out.

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I thought Obama was running things under the cloak of darkness?

Well Texas always said that they will play UofH in Houston when the world ends…who the F knew those guys would be right.


SA should ask Russia for help, since they are part of OPEC.

I hope you are wrong. I do not want to go to war.

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If Iraq and Saudi Arabia go to war, we won’t be involved in the conflict.

I suspect Iran has read the tea leaves from the Biden administration and knows we have washed our hands of the Saudis, and the Saudis new best friend, the Russians are a little pre-occupied.

The Saudis will learn a lesson in not treating the United States well.

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Not really seeing it at this point, HOWEVER, should it happen, then would the Middle East serve as the “powder keg,” much as the Balkans did in WWI?

Interesting parallels!

That said…I seriously doubt it. I wouldn’t bet on it.

Kosovo and Serbia are back at it. Just what the world needs, more trouble over ethnic differences. And license plates.

I can’t imagine the US would abandon Saudi Arabia to Iran. Just unthinkable. I wouldn’t worry too much unless the Iranian leadership is suicidal. Trouble at home, so let’s take on the US as a distraction and to rally everyone around the flag. Yeah, right.

I think the Saudis should get a lesson in picking your friends wisely.

Their act is past it’s shelf life.


Lets hope not. I don’t think anyone would win in that scenario.

Maybe China can help them out, since China imports a lot of oil.

I know we need to care about these other countries invading and attacking but the war costs are too much money wise. I’d say make all countries in the UN pony up vs us spending another 4 trillion then having the republicans say cut Medicare and soc sec bc the dept is too high or have a war tax and we vote on whether it’s worth it. Something has to be done about just us paying thru debt all the time for wars. Wars weakened the British empire and napoleon had to sell us the Louisiana purchase for the 15 mil to help pay war dept.Trump was right to try and get nato to pay more.

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I feel some countries just rely on us to protect them and rather than spend money on their own defense they us it to do other things. Its time they learn to help themselves. What is worse is every now and then one of these countries will give us the middle finger and we just turn the other cheek. I think its time to start making demands for protection, bc its usually not appreciated, so we might as well get paid.


It’s wrong though bc they enjoy a great standard of living off us spending close to a trillion a yr on our military budget.

I totally agree, but then don’t complain when it affects us indirectly, like oil prices or stock market collapse or whatever.

We will always station forces wherever it is that we have interests that need protecting.

Our interests extend far beyond our borders, and the markets for our goods and trade is global.

As such, it is in our national interests to have forces stationed overseas in key strategic locations, and have a powerful navy to protect our trade networks and commerce worldwide.

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