X12 at Rucker Park

I was looking to see if the turnout was good or we got good publicity but I haven’t seen anything big after. Did anybody see more?

That event was a bust. Lol

In my opinion, i checked Twitter to see if it had any juice to it. Any discussion about it…seemed pretty lite

Besides Big 12 coaches, did anyone show up?

So what? They had it. Learn from it, make it better.
Next year, it becomes an “annual” event. In 5 or 10 years, might become a big deal.


Just being honest my man.

I think its a cool idea. I get college basketball in the summer time, what massive hype are you gonna get…

Ill check things again.

When i heard Rucker Park, i thought 4×4. Local kids playing pickup in front of D1 coaches/athletes


Hughey in the pic

Looks like for Mens Basketball, coaches that attended:

*Jerome Tang - Kansas State

*Wes Miller- Cincinnati

*Jamie Dixon - TCU

*Mark Pope - BYU

*Mike Boynton - Oklahoma St

*Scott Drew - Baylor

I agree, it is worth pursuing further. I wonder why it was a bust.

None of those schools are from the area. I dont think the locals will support outsiders. We need to help bust up the ACC and snag Syracuse.

Bingo. Syracuse is a tremendous academic and athletic school. They play tons of sports, and through having basically one of two journalism schools in this country carries tons of cache with northeast media. They should be a top target if something happens to the ACC.