Xfinity or AT&T

Needs some input. Which internet service provider is better? I don’t care for any bundles I just need straight internet. I’m leaning towards Xfinity but not completely sold.

I use XFinity because that’s all that’s basically available to me since I can’t get AT&T Fiber where I’m at. It isn’t bad and they usually have a deal to keep the price low.

Once AT&T Fiber comes into the area, I’ll probably switch to that.

Where I’m moving to they’re offering att fiber? Is it that good? What do u know? Thanks man.

I have xfinity blast and im content with it with no bundle. I stream everything on this internet and run several programs and devices with the internet. The app also lets you manage connections and other things. My gf has atnt fiber and she likes hers as well but we run different programs on different computers i have a Macbook pro i use often and she has a surface laptop. Idk exactly what you’re looking for it to do.

i have xfinity internet and att land line. we kept the land line for business use and faxing.
i have found that xfinity has almost no issues in my area with uptime, very dependable
att on the other hand has serviced the lines here for downtime multiple times over the years.
i think you should consider the age of the att lines where you are.
if they have att fiber available then that would probably me my first choice but if you have legacy sw bell lines …go with xfinity

XFinity is decent…albeit pricy if you aren’t bundling with another service. I believe I’m up around $75 for something like 250mbps/10mbps. In a similar spot in San Antonio (about a year ago), I was paying around $60 for 500mbps/20mbps with Time Warner.

With AT&T Fiber, if you don’t get the 1GB plan, you’ll have to be wary of overage charges and data caps (asinine in today’s age). However, fiber is probably more reliable in the long run. Their 1 GB plan runs about $90 a month, so it’s only worth it if you stream a lot, but it’s fast and smooth.

ATT Fiber if available in your area would be a great choice, if you do a lot of remote work. Its 1gig up and 1 gig DOWN! Its like having your own personal cloud. Good for a business or if you work from home. Its competitive with Xfinity in pricing.

I’m jealous reading about all of your internet struggles. We live just far enough outside the Lufkin city limits that our internet options are basically zero. Consolidated communications (Horrible) is our service provider and because of our location can only offer 250/mbps and no more because according to them they dont have a switch station any closer to us. At 250 mbps it’s very congested and constantly drops and has to buffer (Remember the 80’s lol) There are other companies like HugesNet and sudden link , but most are similar and not any real improvement. Really pissed me off last year trying to watch out of town Cougar Baseball games. Small town life :joy::rofl:

Verizon 5G home is coming to Houston starting 10-1 Here is a link to see if your address will be available for the initial roll-out.

Will not be cheap ($50 verizon wireless customers, $70 otherwise) ,but no overages and predicted excellent speed.

“Typical” download speeds will be around 300Mbps. The max speed of nearly 1Gbps will be available “depending on location,” and there will be “no data caps,” Verizon said. The speeds are fast enough to rival Verizon’s fiber-to-the-home service, and the carrier has previously claimed that its 5G network will have “single-millisecond latencies.”

Promos to start off with as well.

Both have their own good offers but it will still depends on your area which one is working better.

Depends where you live…speed wise some places att can’t give you the same speed as xfinity and vice versa.

But generally you have to switch between the two to maintain the lowest rate…or at least threaten to leave at the end of your contract.

I’m with xfinity now was with att 18 months ago. Might switch back in six months. We’ll see.

ATT uverse works for me. Plenty of internet speed, and a great channel selection…for less money than my Mom pays for Xfinity.

I’m at the end of the line, literally, on ATT so I can only get 25Mps (too much line loss). My next door neighbor has his line coming in from another direction and can get 50Mps. Was told 2 years ago they were pulling fiber but it still hasn’t happened. Kinda frustrating. Not sure if I can go back to ATT now that I’m used to 150Mps…at least until they do pull that fiber.