Yellowstone Flooding, Good or Bad?

Pretty obvious answer. NatGeo weighs in.

We spent a lot of time in the Lamer Valley & saw 4 Grizzly and a wolf pack. 2020 was the best year to go. No buses, foreigners and lighter crowds.[mp=editorial::add=Science_20220629](

I’ll let you know mid August maybe. Had booked a trip before the flooding. Currently debating whether to change destinations. Never been before and the idea of going and not seeing everything I’d like to seems like a possible massive letdown/waste. We’ll see…

As for the article…sounds like the author is familiar with the history of the Nile…

Have not been, would live to go

Don’t go. So much good stuff in the northern Lamar valley. We saw a wolf pack and 4 grizzlies but roads washed out. That pusheseveryone south making it crowded.

Let them fix the roads and stay in Gardiner.

2nd choice is Cody.


Nope I like the city

Reminds me of something from years ago…

I don’t know if they still have one but in Bear Creek Park they had a bison behind a simple 6 foot chain link fence. This 2000lb beast held back by a flimsly fence. It was crazy.

Anywho, we’re there looking at it and my 2 year old son is pretending he’s a bull, and ‘pawing’ his foot on the ground. The bison took him seriously and charged us, hitting the fence and bowing it in momentarily at least a full foot. I think if the bison had more confidence he could have defeated the fence but would only momentarily test it…looked like he enjoyed bouncing off it.

Freaked the hell out of me. My son was undeterred and kept doing the foot action until I picked him up to go to the bird cages.

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There are 2 herds. In different valleys.

Old bulls get chased away and live solitary existences.

Since I get get any females, I’d get ornery too