Yeoman work: the golden age of houston football


However, in Houston’s first four seasons in the Southwest Conference, only that 1977 season did not deliver a league championship. That’s right — in Houston’s first SWC season in 1976, and again in 1978 and 1979, the Cougars topped everyone else in the conference and made their way to the Cotton Bowl. Moreover, although Houston’s collapse and subsequent loss in the 1979 Cotton Bowl to Notre Dame are remembered by many casual college football fans, the larger reality of the Cougars’ journeys to Dallas in the latter half of the 1970s is that they won two of the three Cotton classics they played. Houston won the 1977 Cotton Bowl against Maryland, and it responded to the Joe Montana Chicken Soup Game by winning the 1980 Cotton Bowl against Nebraska.

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well said Pray10. Yeoman’s teams were regularly in the AP Top 20, and many bowl games, from 1965 thru 1985. He is the bedrock on which Herman and UH are building on. Those dozen or more post season bowls prior to the low years ( 1990s-2005) are because of his recruiting, coaching and leadership.

All these youngsters need to learn on whose shoulders they currently stand! Thanks, Coach Y…gosh…atta boy !!

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Ah Robertson… the grass, the palm trees, the old orientation… :relaxed:

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